Tuesday 4 November 2008

Cat Welfare in Romania

Cat Welfare in Romania is poor because animal welfare is poor generally. Why is that? There are a number reasons and they start with the communist dictatorship history which it seems stultified the usual growth of a nation. There is no doubt that Romania is lagging behind most states of Europe, certainly the more established countries. Romania recently (on January 1st 2007) became a member of the European Union, the EEC (European Economic Union).

Good cat (my area of interest) and animal welfare legislation is more than simply drafting an enacting the law. There has to be a will to carry it through by rigorous enforcement. And as important is the fact that there has to be a change in attitude towards animals by those who keep them. That means the general population or a large part of it will need to adjust their views in respect of animals. On a practical level a government cannot enforce animal welfare laws against numerous offenders particularly when the law is rather poorly written as is the case in Romania and when there seems to be a lack of commitment to it. A lack of commitment to enforce is no surprise as the enforcers as like any other Romanian. They need it seems to be educated too in respect of animal welfare. It seems the animal welfare laws were introduced to help smooth the path to becoming a member of the EEC. In other words political reasons, rather than genuine animal welfare at heart.

In addition, Romania would seem to have a long established hunting tradition. Hunting is poorly controlled despite the laws to protect wild life. People don't just hunt wild life. When there are no wildcats, bears, deer and Lynxs to kill the hunters chase the feral cats and stray dogs and it seems they even do this very near homes and in the towns. It really is bad for wildlife, dogs and feral cats in Romania. Of course it can't go on for ever as mercifully the wild animals worth hunting will become extinct in Romania and there will be no pain anymore.

Romania has a feral dog problem. They seem to think the answer is to shoot them on sight. Great fun. This doesn't work. The same is true for feral cats. The best method is to control the dog population through trap and neuter. Then most importantly tackle the problem at source: the people. All stray cat and dog problems start with irresponsible people. The local authorities of Romania charged with enforcing the law seem to have forgotten that.

Another country lagging behind in terms of animal welfare is Croatia. I have discussed in outline Romanian cat and animal laws and made comments and set out cat animal cruelty laws Romania (as I understand it). Cat Welfare in Romania needs to be cleaned up and reinforced.

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