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Cat welfare in Croatia

cat hanging from a tree cat crueltyIs Cat welfare in Croatia on the up and up? Croatia has recently introduced the Animal Protection Act (drafted in 2006 I believe -see Croatia Animal Protection Act). It came into force on 1st January 2007. It is quite good. It's introduction and enactment was, one could argue, forced on the Croatian government as it is seeking to become a member of the EU. Their application is still on track despite high levels of organized crime in Croatia.

Can you force animal welfare on a country? Is the new legislation just a piece of paper? The penalties for a conviction of animal cruelty under the Act are quite substantial (the equivalent of about £5,000 -£10,000 GPD) but imprisonment is not an option. The biggest problem is enforcement which is dependent on commitment and resources. There is organized crime and hunting seems to be largely unregulated and the new legislation does not regulate hunting. Is a country in which there is organized crime able to adopt a caring and more up to date attitude towards animals and cats (my area of interest)?

Photograph of cat hanging from a tree: this is taken from the Animal Friends Croatia website. I provide a link in exchange: Animal Friends Croatia. If you object please tell me and I'll rectify the situation quickly. Who could do this and why? For what purpose? It seems to be a case of gratuitous violence serving no purpose. This is great cruelty towards cats in Croatia. Under the new legislation this would be a crime under article 4 of the Act. The cat seems to be a domestic tabby and white cat.

Obviously decent legislation is a good start, but only a start. Peoples' attitudes need to be updated, particularly in the villages, where it is commonplace, apparently, to see dogs permanently chained up. This is considered normal, obviously. The people who do this cannot have any sensitivity towards an animal's mentality. There is a huge amount of ignorance on the subject of an animal's ability to suffer emotionally. With this I am afraid to see backward and ignorant attitude it is hard to see progress being quick.

large dog Croatia
Typical macho alpha male man with alpha dog - Split, Croatia. Photo by joao ornelas. When I see this I don't get good vibes on cat welfare in Croatia. Am I being prejudiced?

There are many instances of animal cruelty in Croatia. It seems to be a male dominated state. Open cruelty seems to have gone unpunished. Animal cruelty and for me cat welfare in Croatia has almost been ignored. One group of people with the correct attitude are the people who run Animal Friends Croatia. They have done good work. There is a long way to go, in my view.

There will be change, yes, but it will take tens of years perhaps 2 or 3 generations before cat welfare in Croatia is on a par with the best countries in the world for animal welfare. This is my personal view. If your differs please make a comment.

Cat welfare in Croatia - source:
  • Animal Friends Croatia
  • Myself
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Anonymous said…
I can't even think to be cruel with animals or my pets, they are made to love.
gen wen said…
i am visiting Dubrovnik old town at the moment. I am saddened by the number of sick looking stray cats.There is a church which is an orthodox church full of gold and icons. outside the church are several stray undesexed cats. I came across 6 wild and starving kittens I saw a male cat spraying and a female cat with her stomach drooping and an injured back leg.I fed them and it was clear they were starving. it seems that this suffering in tne grounds of a church is unacceptable. Doesn't the "church'see this suffering and use their vast wealth to desex at least the cats in their grounds?
i will be leaving tomorrow and i wish i could get help for these unfortunate creatures.
Gen wen

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