Tuesday 30 May 2023

China - cowcat's torture and 'murder' has sparked a mass movement for animal welfare laws

Animal advocates protest in China for animal welfare laws sparked by the sadistic murder of cowcat
Animal advocates protest in China for animal welfare laws sparked by the sadistic murder of 'cowcat'. Screenshot. The cat's picture is on the placard in the picture.

NEWS AND OPINION: As I understand it, "cowcat" is the name given by animal rights protestors in China to a stray cat who was hideously tortured and then murdered after three days. And I believe that the person who did this is notorious now in China. He is a food vlogger (makes videos about food preparation). 

He is also a horrendously cruel animal torturer specifically against stray cats. He has created, I believe, a video game app in which the players have to kill domestic cats in food blenders and other disgusting ways. And I believe that he runs a gang of Chinese people living in China who enjoy cruelly abusing, torturing and then "murdering" cats in sadistic ways.

He has various names and these are some of them: Xu Zhihui - Xu Mouhui - Jack Hot Strip - Jack Spicey Strip. His photo is above.

I have a quite lengthy page on this man which you can read by clicking on this link. There was an allegation that he was beaten up by a gang of other men. But I'm not sure that is accurate. It does indicate, though, that he is notorious in China.

The legacy that this sadistically 'murdered' cat might leave China is that Beijing introduces some sort of umbrella animal welfare laws to protect cats in the future. I would very much doubt that that will happen but it just might eventually happen if enough people for long enough protest and make the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) sit up and think about what they're doing.

The CCP refuse to enter the 21st century in terms of animal welfare protection. They prefer to remain in the dark ages and stick with tradition. The tradition of China 2000 years ago amounted to cruelty to animals and that tradition has been brought forward to the 21st century. It is time for it to stop.

The culture has to change and one way to change culture is to introduce laws which force people to change their ways and develop new habits: habits in which animals are treated as sentient beings to be respected.


  1. You know what they say about people who enjoy torturing and murdering animals?!? It will escalate....This is just practice for him! Stop him now!

    1. Sure, people start on animals and graduate to humans. The CCP should be ashamed of themselves for allowing so much animal cruelty in their country. Thanks for sharing.

  2. He needs and all who does this needs to be tortured the same way and is there not any mafia in China who can do this these filthy shit eating worms

    1. Yes, I am not a violent person but I'd love to hurt this person very badly indeed.


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