Thursday 11 May 2023

Vulcan mind-meld with my cat!

Mind-meld: A touch technique that allows a Vulcan to merge his or her mind with the essence of another's mind purely by using specialized contact via fingertip-points.

It can be used in our relationship with our cat companion!! It is not quite the same thing but not far short. Just having a bit of fun.

Cats like to touch us; to make a direct physical connection and we like to do the same thing. When my cat did this to me this morning I thought of Stat Trek and Spock. 

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  1. Sweet touch! So glad Gabriel is still here. How old is he now?

    1. Hi Sandra. He's approaching 8 years old, I think! Middle-aged in human terms and he has slowed a little and is more domesticated as his feral start in life affected his character in his early years. Hope you and yours are keeping well.


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