Monday 1 May 2023

Adjustable anti-scratch cat shoe is an abomination

Get this picture. What do you think? Your answer depends on whether you want a living toy as a companion animal or a real cat (or as near as we can allow it). The woman/man who owns this Ragdoll cat believes in living toys and shuns the idea of allowing a cat to be a cat. Although there is one upside. They would probably have declawed their cat but for these ghastly bootees.

Read this provocative article about cat ownership: De-sexing our cats changes them from real animals to living toys.

Bootee on all four paws to stop scratching
Bootee on all four paws to stop scratching. Image:

The manufacturers of these bootees are feeding the human fear in some cat owners of cat scratches and furniture being scratched. It is exploitation of a human problem that should not exist. 

Far better for the cat owner to learn to live with cat claws. To learn how to 100% avoid being scratched which is possible by observing cat behavior and understanding how to avoid scratches. 

To change one's attitude about furniture being scratched occasionally as this can be radically reduced by buying a great cat scratching post and putting special double-sided tape on those parts of the furniture which are targeted by cats. 

Training Your Cat to Use a Scratching Post and Where to Put It

There are far better ways to deal with cat claws which are an integral part of the cat. They are so important even when not used as defensive weapons. 

Cat Claw Anatomy Facts For Kids

Anyway, how does a cat feel with this human invention strapped to their paws? They can't feel alright. It must be discombobulating. It must be uncomfortable. 

It is the solemn duty of a cat owner to make their cat as happy as possible. Attaching these monstrosities to their paws achieves the opposite.

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