Monday 22 May 2023

Humans prefer to look at animal abuse videos than admire an old lady who walks miles to get cat food in a war

What is wrong with humanity? Was it always like this? It was. One thing I have learnt in running websites is that people are far more interested in looking at horrible and notorious animal abuse videos and reading animal abuse stories than for example admiring an old lady who travelled miles on foot in a war-torn country to buy a bag of cat food to feed her precious cat, perhaps her only friend left alive after Putin's illegal and brutal invasion on Ukraine.

This is the enduring lady I personally admire tremendously. She is suffering and caring for her cat under very tough conditions.

The woman deserves admiration and support. She is the kind of person all of us should admire. She's better than most of us. But no, the published picture of her (click this link to see her) has been seen once - just a single time - in 12 hours even after the page was 'advertised' on social media.

Yet, for 3 years one page on Luke Magnotta has garnered millions of hits. It still receives 30 hits every half hour. And it is a page that has a link to a notorious video of this psychopath killing kittens. That's what attracts people. The criminal and the bad. Not the admirable and the good.

I suspect most of the people who are obsessed with criminal abuse of animals are young. Gen X types is my guess.  The older people can't take that kind of crap anymore.

You need a fresh brain to look at that kind of crappy video. The only reason why it is on one of my sites is because it gets hits and that means advertising revenue which goes to charity a lot of the time.

So, what's wrong with humankind that makes us so interested in the bad stuff?  Why is the interesting news always bad news? Crime has always fascinated humans. Why? I have not seen a really convincing answer. For me the reason is in the next paragraph (the last sentence).

The experts say that it is because humans have a 'negativity bias'. We are interested in bad (negative) news as it warns us of a potential threat. That might be too nice to humans. The reasons might be simpler than that: we find the bad, gross stuff more titillating. It tweaks out tired, bored brains.

All I know is that I have to go in search of bad stuff to get hits. And science stuff isn't very popular either as it is too complicated. People want simple, in your face thrills, instantly without any effort.

The world is getting lazier and more bored. Family life is slowly breaking up. Marriage in developed counties is losing favour over simple partnerships.

In the UK the fabric of society is gradually fraying and society is destabilising. We are heading in the wrong direction. I am not saying that we can't change course and do things right. I am just saying I don't like the current attitudes which includes an obsession with negative news and grisly animal abuse by notorious criminals.

P.S. there is some hope! Animal rescue is always popular. But less so than the above-mentioned videos. Obviously, we are all different and not everyone likes animal abuse videos. There are many great people. Just too many bad 'uns.

Many people love animals particularly their pets. The trouble here is that not enough people know about the animal abuse which is a necessity of intensive farming. We really have to change our ways and change farming for good. Far too much animal abuse in it. 

Click on the link above and take a lot at the way pigs are often treated on intensive farming farms. It'll make you wince and put you off eating 'pork' for ever.

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