Saturday 6 May 2023

Veterinarian nicely explains why their fees SEEM to be expensive when they are not

Vets provide private health care
Vets provide private health care. Screenshot.

Ben the Vet on TikTok explains in his very precise and clear way why veterinary bills seem to be expensive. It is far more likely that the British people will think this because Brits are used to getting medical treatment for themselves which is 'free' at the point of delivery. The NHS is supported from tax receipts. So, it is not exactly free but it feels like it to many.

Veterinarians provide private health care and as you can see in the video their fees for the same operations on humans are much cheaper. 

Vets are cheap and not expensive if truth be told. I don't begrudge vet's fees. They could and perhaps should charge more as many independent vet clinics are selling up to the big corporate owners. This tells us that they find it too hard to operate their own businesses and be a veterinary surgeon at the same time.

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There is another point, I feel. Because of speciesism humans regard themselves as being of a higher 'value' than lesser animals. For that reason, they feel it is okay to spend heavily on their health when needed.

But they don't want to spend heavily on companion animals if they can help it. This leaves them with the feeling that vet's fees are expensive when they are not.

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And there is one last point. When vets such as occurs in America carry out mutilating operations for no therapeutic benefit to the animal whatsoever, you have to hate them for it. I am referring to cat declawing.

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