Mama cat and litter of kittens rescued from a trash-bound couch just in the nick of time

Another good ending for a mom and her kittens thanks to some sensible people and rescuers. I feel that this video is as much about the volunteers who rescue cats, and the sensible people who are sensitive to the sentience of stray cats. 

Without these people this sofa would have been thrown onto a lorry and the kittens inside could have been killed. 

It does not surprise me that they made their home in this sofa that was outside a house in preparation for picking up by I presume a contractor to be thrown away on a council dump. 

It's an ideal little home for a stray cat. An ideal den for a mother cat looking for somewhere safe. Somewhere which provides protection against the weather.

Perhaps there is a lesson as well that sofas left outside a home should be checked briefly for cats! It's the same sort of awareness concerning cats crawling into the engine compartment of vehicles to keep warm in winter.

The video was made in Ohio, USA and was originally on the HUMANKIND, USA TODAY
website. In time the video may stop working please note as it is embedded here and not served by the computer which serves the article.



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