Wednesday 3 May 2023

Mutual love gushing out of this feline-human couple

Mutual love gushing out of this feline-human couple
Mutual love gushing out of this feline-human couple. Screenshot.

This is a really good example of genuine love between human and cat. It is all over the screen. As I said it gushes out of each of them at any and every opportunity. They are made for each other and it is great to see. 

She says that she LOVES him and it is very obvious that she does. People say they love their cat or their human partner but don't always mean it truthfully or genuinely. But here it is genuine and absolutely true.

She says that in America they prefer to call ginger cats 'orange' rather than ginger in the UK. I have never heard that before. Ginger cats can be called 'yellow' or 'orange' or 'marmalade' or 'red'. The last one is the way the professionals refer to ginger cats.

They are nearly always male. She relates to her cat as her man which I love. She seems to have given up on a conventional human-to-human relationship and prefers this sort which I can totally understand.

He makes her very happy. That is the measure of the relationship. If you see a human and cat getting a lot of happiness out of their relationship it is a big winner. It is all you can ask for in any relationship of any kind.

Her love for him means that she cares for him beautifully. Love brings respect and great caregiving. It all flows from that starting point.

As they say, if you want to know how to be an excellent cat caregiver: love him/her.  And of course, the nice touch is that he is a shelter cat. She saved a life as well. 

That is always a super starting point to a relationship. Cats show their gratitude.

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