Monday 29 May 2023

China celebrates the domestic cat in huge cat wall murals and yet is simultaneously and culturally cruel to them

OPINION: China celebrates the domestic cat huge cat wall murals and yet is simultaneously and culturally cruel to them far too often with no laws to protect them.

The photos are on Twitter. The murals seem to me to show a schizophrenic attitude towards the domestic cat in China. China's culture states that companion animals need to be useful and if they can no longer be useful, you can eat them. Not good and a violation of the unwritten agreement between domestic cat and human.

And the simple fact that Beijing obstinately refuses to create animal welfare laws strongly indicates a lack of respect for the cat, dog and other sentient creatures.

What kind of developed country refuses to enact animal welfare legislation? A backward one. But China is not backward. They are very advanced in many respects.

The problem is that the CCP (中國共產黨) is rooted in the past in respect of attitudes towards animals. The culture is rooted in tradition and you can read about the Chinese tradition concerning animals by reading what Ai Weiwei says. He is the famous Chinese contemporary artist living in Portugal. He does not fit in with the Chinese way of life. Click here for his thoughts.

Tradition holds back the development of more advanced and enlightened thoughts on animal welfare. 2,000 years ago, the word was far crueller to animals than today. China in rooted in that era.

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