Friday 5 May 2023

World's fattest living cat 2023 - 'Patches'

He is a rescue cat. He was slightly overfed! He is living today as at 5th May 2023 and losing weight as the woman who adopted him from the shelter has him on a diet. Surprised? The all-time world record fattest cat weighed a little more at 46.8 pounds. His name was Himmy. He lived in Australia and he died in 1986. Patches maxed out at 40.3 pounds.

Image by MikeB from one supplied by the Express.

He weighed the same as a 5-year-old boy. He was rescued by Richmond Animal Care and Control in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

Kay Ford adopted him. He is one of the heaviest domestic cats ever recorded. Ms Peters of the shelter said: 
“He was surrendered by his owner who was unable to take care of him anymore. When I first saw him, I said some swear words, he was the biggest cat I had ever seen.”
Veterinarians declared that he was 'completely healthy'!!

He is a picky eater 😎. It seems that his previous owner managed to spoil him nonetheless.

Kay Ford is retired and the perfect caregiver provided she can diet him consistently but slowly to avoid fatty liver disease. Dieting too fast can cause this disease. He has lost a little bit of weight already but is still enormously obese.

He is not a Guinness World Record holder. I mean that he is not listed in their book. He is considerably heavier that the domestic cat that they thought was the world's heaviest. I expect they'll amend the book. Although Patches' weight is a fading record. He'll be normal one way and feel a lot better.

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