Wednesday 31 May 2023

China: Angel of Death dog snatcher arrives on a bike to fire a dart into a street dog

OPINION: This is another way that cruel men travel around a big conurbation in China (perhaps in the north somewhere) looking for street and domestic dogs to snatch. They take them to the south of China, to the dog meat markets by lorry in the most appalling conditions. In this instance, this man who I have described as the "Angel of Death" is a pillion passenger on a small bike. 

They are searching for stray dogs and one turns up. They stop and the Angel of Death fires a dart into the dog who immediately collapses and is then taken away speedily. See the video below.

RELATED: 25,000-30,000 dogs are being slaughtered DAILY for food in China.

China: Angel of Death dog snatcher arrives on a bike to fire a dart into a street dog
China: Angel of Death dog snatcher arrives on a bike to fire a dart into a street dog. Image: MikeB.

I have decided that he is using a tranquilizing dart of some sort rather than simply shooting the dog in order to keep the animal alive for the journey to the south where they are brutally killed as fresh meat. The great brutality of all this is that they kill them in the most heinous and sadistic way. 

It's as if the dogs have gone to hell. This is hell on earth for a dog and the devils are killing them. And the journey to hell on earth for a dog starts as we see in the video on this page.

In another video I show a couple of Chinese guys jumping over the wall surrounding a front yard to snatch two more dogs this time using dog arresting poles to drag them over the wall and into a van. Once again it is extremely brutal. You can see that video if you want by clicking on this link.

I am writing quite a few articles about the cat and dog meat industry in China because it needs to be highlighted. There are some very brave people in China who are protesting about the lack of animal welfare laws in China. There needs to be protests as well about the dog and cat meat markets in China and one day, when the world is a better place, when it is more civilised, the international community will put pressure on China to ditch these horrendous traditions which go back perhaps 2,000 years and which are now so out of place in the modern world.

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