Monday 8 May 2023

Kitty with broken arm still makes biscuits

Kitty with broken arm still makes biscuits
Kitty with broken arm still makes biscuits. Screenshot.

Super cute and a bit sad at the same time. I don't know anything about the backstory but what is obvious is that this cute little blackie is a rescue cat and for some reason they broke their right foreleg. It is been splinted. I suspect the vet thought that being a kitten with growing bones, the leg would knit together well.

Well, if he feels pain, it does not stop him from making biscuits - kneading. The drive to knead is high especially in kittens as it is an instinctive behavior to help the flow of colostrum from their mother's breast as you almost certainly know by now as it has been discussed a lot on the internet.

He is kneading a mother cat substitute: the bedding which feels nice and warm like his mother's breast. Cute. I hope he recovers fully and is lucky enough to be placed in a loving home as soon as he is well enough.

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