Tuesday 23 May 2023

Puppy needs IMMEDIATE rescue from abusive owner as seen on video (India)

We have the general address. Somebody needs to try and find out where this man lives and ideally arrest him for animal abuse under India's animal welfare laws which is unlikely but at least remove the puppy from him and take the him/her to an animal shelter for rehoming.  The tweet reporting this is dated May 16th. Something may have happened already but it unlikely.

The video (below) appears to have a reference to the location of the apartment in a URL (web address) and it tells us the name of the development. 

This is the address: 

Address: Survey No 25, Kondhwa-Undri-Saswad Rd, Near Undri Chowk, Katraj Saswad Bypass, Mohammed Wadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411060, India

India has decent animal welfare laws as the British introduced them when they ran the country although they need updating.

The man lives in Pune, India. He lives in a large block of flats. Somebody in an adjacent block of flats had the foresight to record his abuse on their smart phone and so we have a decent video in terms of definition (although it could be a bit better), which may help to identify him.

It is a distressing video if you are in any way concerned about animal welfare. Why he has a companion animal is beyond me. He is clearly unfit to own any animal. He is ignorant and insensitive.

The video comes from Twitter and the person who posted the tweet asks for immediate action for the dog to be removed and rescued.

All I am doing is spreading the word. I do not expect any success but unless we try, we never know. Please spread the word.

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