Wednesday 17 May 2023

Strong-willed brave woman confronts ignorant man abusing his dog

I love this video. I love this strong-willed and brave woman who is confronting an ignorant man who is abusing his dog. The man can't speak half-decent English unfortunately. There is a communication problem here. And there is also an attitude problem with the man. 

Sad to say, in his culture, it is all right to tie a dog's forelegs together and leave the dog on the forecourt without water. This is what the woman is remonstrating with the man about. She, rightly, sees it is very cruel and cannot comprehend what he is doing. 

It goes against all social norms of decency in humankind's relationship with companion animals. He doesn't get that.

It is actually far worse than what you see because it is believed the man is killing dogs for dog meat. And this is the United States. It does happen in the States.

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This is the caption to the video:

This Asian man is rumoured to be slaughtering dogs to eat in USA??! Dog on his drive with front paws tied together & tethered! No water! Can u help @FresnoHumane ?  Address: 3080 East Thomas Ave. Fresno, 93701,CA !  📞 REPORT HIM  to Fresno PD (599) 621-1000 / (599)6212200

I think he says that he bought the dog that day and he's going to sell the dog soon. I don't know. I think she may work for a shelter and as you can hear in the video, she offers to take the dog there and then i.e. to rescue him or her. He refuses.

As the woman says in the video, it is illegal where she lives to tether a dog like that and to tie them up. That would be illegal in many countries because it is inherently cruel. In some states in the US there are rules about tethering making it illegal. But this is more than that. It is simply tying up a dog so that they cannot move.

And apparently it was a warm or hot day. The dog is panting as you can see and therefore requires water to help cool down. The water is about 12 paces away. The dog can't get to the water. It's ridiculous the woman says. It truly is ridiculous. Ridiculously cruel and abusive.

Like I said at the beginning this is an attitude problem. That attitude, I am reluctant to say, comes from Asia where dogs are more utilitarian. They are often not treated as members of the family or even as sentient. 

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By utilitarian I mean dogs must either be useful as working dogs or if they cannot serve that function should be killed and eaten. In which case they provide food for the human which means that they are useful and utilitarian at that end point in their lives.

Here are a series of screenshots from the video. These are here for SCO purposes so that Google can find the page better. When they are here to encase the video stops working. That's unlikely in this instance but it can happen.

Strong-willed brave woman confronts ignorant man abusing his dog

Strong-willed brave woman confronts ignorant man abusing his dog

Strong-willed brave woman confronts ignorant man abusing his dog

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