Saturday 13 May 2023

Heroic cat charges into large pack of dogs one of which was savaging another cat to save their life

We don't know the relationship between the cat who was grabbed by a dog who was a pack member and the lifesaving cat but this amazing cat charges at the dog with the other cat in its mouth and scatters the pack. The courage was enormous. It is probable that this cat is the mother of the young cat who was attacked and who would surely have died fairly quickly but for the intervention.

The main impression one gets from watching the video is courage and fearlessness. She dives in knowing that there was a strong risk of injury or death. She throws herself at the central dog who led the attack. Her forelegs are in front of her, claws out to smack the dog around the face. The dog releases the young cat. Both cats scram. 

The quality of the picture below (a screenshot) is hopeless but it is on the page to provide a 'featured image' for SEO purposes.

On the internet you will see a lot of videos and still images of mother cats defending their offspring. I can't be sure that's the case in this video but I feel that it is.

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