Monday 29 May 2023

Duck down industry in China is unconscionably cruel. Listen to their cries.

This is a video from PETA. It is hard to watch as usual. They say you should listen to the soundtrack. I haven't. I can barely look at the first three seconds of the video. It is horrendous. And yet people in the West rely upon this when they buy their duck down duvets or clothing insulated with down. Nobody should be buying duck down duvets. They should buy synthetic insulation.

WARNING: take deep breath and steal yourself if you feel that you are up to watching this rank cruelty. Shame on these people.

PETA exposed so-called responsible down standards farms live plucking geese. Another scam in this world full of scams. In a world getting worse with more and more objectionable human behaviour.

This live geese feather plucking has been going on for donkeys years. It is a process known as "live plucking". Producers developed international standards claiming that they were more responsible which did not include live plucking. 

You can see a screenshot of the video by clicking on this link. It's on another page as there are advertisers on this page.

But when PETA and PETA Asia visited farms associated with these responsible companies, they uncovered this animal cruelty.

They also tell us that 80% of the world's down and feathers used in clothing, sleeping bags and duvets come from China.

The investigators working undercover saw workers ripping geese's feathers out leaving bloody open wounds while the birds were fully conscious. Many of the bird struggled and cried in terror and pain they say. Other birds just froze; paralysed with fear.

To stop the birds from fleeing, the workers stepped on their delicate wings and necks and bound their feet together. They sometimes put them in choke holds while ripping out their feathers and swinging them about by their wings. When released, the geese cried out loudly and ran back to their flocks.

Any geese and chicks who are injured and sick are left to die a slow death. Dead birds were left decaying in crates and ponds or tossed around like trash according to PETA's report. This is China. This is duck down. This is bird hell.

When you are lying in your bed under your beautiful and expensive duck down high-quality duvet bought in Harrods, think about these ducks. You are sleeping under their pain.

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