Wednesday 31 May 2023

Without incurring any injuries, a cat falls six stories and punches a hole in a car's rear window

NEWS AND COMMENT-BANGKOK, THAILAND: A tabby-and-white male domestic cat weighing 8.5 kg living in a flat on the sixth floor of a high-rise building fell off that building and bounced off a balcony on the third floor before smashing into the rear window of a car parked underneath the building which entirely shattered the window but the cat walked free without a scratch.

 The MG car. Image: Facebook (Apiwat Toyothaka).

Shifu after the fall. He's fine. Image: Facebook (Apiwat Toyothaka).

That sums up the story in one sentence but I'll add a bit of detail. His name is Shifu. The owner of the car, Apiwat Toyothaka, shared his experience on Facebook on May 27. He said that he was surprised to discover the rear window of his car smashed to pieces at 7 AM. 

He told a news media that the cat had fallen from the sixth floor as described. He found Shifu hiding under his car after he had jumped out through the massive hole in the rear window that he had created.

For some reason which hasn't been explained, Shifu was hanging by his nails to the balcony of his sixth-floor apartment. It looks as though he was taking a risk that he shouldn't have been taking. You know what cats are like sometimes. And he fell. Some people think that cats are so good at climbing and their balance is so good that they never fall. They do sometimes.

Shifu was x-rayed and the scans showed no broken bones. It's not actually completely true that he didn't suffer any injuries because he lost to claws although that minor injury was not due to the fall but I presume due to the fact that he was hanging on by those to claws until they broke.

He is behaving entirely normally and eating and toileting in the usual way. He belongs to another resident in the condominium that the car owner apparently knows as he lives there as well.

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