Wednesday 10 May 2023

Just a monkey and a cat being best buds (video). But it's not all hunky-dory with monkeys.

Just a monkey and a cat being best buds (video)
Screenshot. Best buds.

I've seen a lot of monkeys making friends with stray cats on the internet. Perhaps there is something in the feline character which appeals to the monkey. Perhaps it is the same reason why cats appeal to hundreds of millions of humans. This cat seems less interested in the relationship than the monkey. It almost seems that the monkey needs the friendship because they are lonely. Perhaps orphaned. We don't know the backstory. But the front story is nice.

Interspecies friendships are always charming. Perhaps we should occasionally remind ourselves that when humans have 'pets' that these are interspecies friendships. Each human-to-cat relationship is remarkable in many ways.

The monkey-to-pet relationship can go wrong. There was a recent story of a monkey in India abducting a puppy on a roof and carrying the animal away. It looked violent and unpleasant. It is believed that the monkeys are chucking the puppies from rooftops to kill them because the adult dogs are attacking and killing monkeys. It has gone terribly wrong. This problem is human-created. We need to admit that and do something to remedy the situation.

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