TNR woman at odds with Iowa city over feral cats

NEWS AND VIEWS: I love this woman. She's gentle and kind. She is concerned about cat welfare. And she's become connected with the community cats in Edmonson Park, Oskaloosa, Iowa, USA as she's looked after them for a long time under TNR principles.

Cat fight: Woman at odds with Iowa city over feral cats
Woman is tearful over the prospect of losing the feral cats she cares for. Screenshot.

The story is so typical of the cat world. The authorities - the local council or city administrators - have a businesslike vision of their city. It needs to function well. Their viewpoint is in no way sentimental. But in seeking this efficiency their decision-making lacks compassion. And it lacks sufficient concern for animal welfare.

This inevitably leads to a conflict between some individual residents and the council as is seen the video on this page.

It is a paradigm example. Something similar has happened a thousand times before across the US. It is happening right now. 

Nearly always a lady or small group of ladies fighting the local authority over the care of feral cats who were put there by negligent human behavior.

The woman wants to find a compromise which saves the lives of the cats in her care. Is that asking too much? The council should listen and stop being bully-boys.


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