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Monday 1 May 2023

TNR woman at odds with Iowa city over feral cats

NEWS AND VIEWS: I love this woman. She's gentle and kind. She is concerned about cat welfare. And she's become connected with the community cats in Edmonson Park, Oskaloosa, Iowa, USA as she's looked after them for a long time under TNR principles.

Cat fight: Woman at odds with Iowa city over feral cats
Woman is tearful over the prospect of losing the feral cats she cares for. Screenshot.

The story is so typical of the cat world. The authorities - the local council or city administrators - have a businesslike vision of their city. It needs to function well. Their viewpoint is in no way sentimental. But in seeking this efficiency their decision-making lacks compassion. And it lacks sufficient concern for animal welfare.

This inevitably leads to a conflict between some individual residents and the council as is seen the video on this page.

It is a paradigm example. Something similar has happened a thousand times before across the US. It is happening right now. 

Nearly always a lady or small group of ladies fighting the local authority over the care of feral cats who were put there by negligent human behavior.

The woman wants to find a compromise which saves the lives of the cats in her care. Is that asking too much? The council should listen and stop being bully-boys.

Thursday 13 October 2022

Actor Sidharth Malhotra gave his cat, Edward, to his actress girlfriend, Alia Batt, and regrets it

Well-known actor Sidharth Malhotra was in a relationship with a well-known actress, Alia Batt as reported by The Indian Express. They dated for several years and parted company in 2016. It was an amicable parting and the couple remained 'cordial' as the news media describe it. The couple have moved on in their lives.

Sidharth Malhotra reveals that he might have gifted Edward to Alia Bhatt. (Photo: Alia Bhatt, Sidharth Malhotra/Instagram)
Sidharth Malhotra reveals that he might have gifted Edward to Alia Bhatt. (Photo: Alia Bhatt, Sidharth Malhotra/Instagram).

But Sidharth Malhotra was asked what he had learned from his relationship with Ms Batt and his response concerned his cat that he gave to her and whose name is Edward.

He said: "Don't gift pets!" And when asked what he might steal from Alia he said his cat. He would take back his cat, Edward if he could.

Clearly, Mr Malhotra really misses Edward which is unsurprising because he must've had a very close relationship with his cat.

This makes it all the more surprising that he decided to give Edward to his then girlfriend. But he is unsure because it is reported that he said he 'might' have gifted his cat. You can see how this 'gift' can spark a dispute. There are often disputes over gifts of all kinds. Gifts of animals are more problematic.

I don't think any man, or any woman should give their girlfriend or boyfriend or partner of any gender their cat companion.

There are many moral and potential legal issues involved. Firstly, let's think about the cat. The cat has formed a close relationship with their human caregiver. Of course, it depends upon the human caregiver's quality of caregiving but on the presumption that it is good there will be a close relationship.

Also, a domestic cat has a close relationship with his surroundings. If you give your girlfriend your cat, they have to enter into a fresh relationship with a stranger or at least somebody who is not as close to them as their owner which is detrimental to their welfare.

And if your girlfriend is living a different property too, they will have to get used to new surroundings and that is always problematic. So, when you give away your cat you are doing so without thinking about your cat's welfare. And you are doing it without their consent which of course you can't obtain.

Caveat: your partner may be a much better cat caregiver and your cat might like her/him more than you!!

It would be understandable to gift your cat because you might be infatuated with your girlfriend or boyfriend, and you would do anything for them. But it should stop at giving away your cat.

You might argue that Alia Batt in knowing that Mr Malhotra is missing his cat, should give Edward back to him.

But legally, if it is a genuine gift, legal title in Edward has passed to Ms Batt and she is entitled to keep him.

As this kind of gift that can cause problems between the parties as well. It can cause arguments because he might say that he didn't gift Edward to Ms Batt but just asked her to look after Edward for a while. And then she could counter that argument by saying it's a gift. Then you have a dispute which you don't want to get involved in.

The conclusion is that if you have a good relationship with your cat, you never give him or her away. You look after them for the duration of their life and then when they pass away you cremate them and keep the ashes as a memento. And when they are euthanised at the veterinary clinic you attend that horrible moment because it is your last duty.

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