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Wednesday 10 April 2024

Sadistic cat torturer imprisoned for 2.5 years. NOT LONG ENOUGH.

NEWS AND COMMENT:  Kacper B, a Polish man living in Poland, was described in court as a sadistic cat torturer. He was entirely aware of what he was doing. He tortured his girlfriend's cat to the point of death. He uploaded videos and pictures of his torture to the Internet. 

It appears that he felt immune to prosecution but Internet sleuths were able to track him down and eventually he was prosecuted in the criminal courts for animal cruelty.

A court in Poland sparked outrage after sentencing Kacper B. (pictured) to less than the maximum five years after he was found guilty of 'extreme cruelty' towards animals

The case is reminiscent of the Don't F*** With Cats case in North America where Luka Magnotta is now incarcerated in a Canadian jail for life for murder.

The similarity is in respect of Internet sleuths tracking down the perpetrator. I don't want to go into great detail of what he did to his girlfriend's cat. It was horrendous abuse including punching the cat to the point of unconsciousness while being hung up by the hind legs.

And to upload videos and images to the Internet is a sign of madness frankly. The man must be a sociopath or psychopath or a combination of both.

We must not forget his girlfriend, the cat's owner, who apparently allowed the abuse to happen and she, too, was tried in the criminal courts and has received, on conviction, a 10 month jail sentence suspended for three years "for failing to stop the abuse".

The cat in question is still very ill apparently and suffers from what appears to be permanent damage to their health. The cat has been placed in the care of a temporary home i.e. a foster home.

The prosecutor in court was outraged at the short sentence. She demanded a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment and questioned the judge as to what needs to be done by a criminal to receive the five year penalty.

The prosecuting lawyer appears to be more concerned about her appearance that she is about anything else but that is another matter.

The criminal in question, was also found guilty of possessing child pornography. When he first appeared in court his disdain for the proceedings was clearly evident when he wore a headband with a pair of toy cat ears and told the court that he was "in a hurry because he had to feed his new girlfriend's cats."

The trial took place in the seaside town of seaside town of Gdynia in Poland .

Comment: there are numerous instances of mentally disturbed men (yes, it is always men) wishing to show off their animal cruelty tendencies by posting images, normally videos, on social media. It is extraordinary that they feel the need to upload evidence which will ultimately lead to their prosecution and conviction in a criminal court. 

Perhaps they feel totally immune to being arrested and tried for animal abuse crimes. It's indicative of their mental state that they feel they can get away with it in such a callous and misguided way.

Or, perhaps they do get away with it sometimes and it only takes a concerted effort by animal advocates and concerned people to track down the man as happened in this instance.

Separately, there is an ongoing highly concerning matter of a gang of Chinese cat abuses and torturers operating in China killing and torturing cats. They are well known. They are uploading images to the Internet on Chinese social media websites and getting away with it. The world is trying to stop them. But despite difficult to track down these miscreants, deviant mad people. Click the link below for more on this.


P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

Monday 4 March 2024

San Diego man imprisoned for 8 years for extreme torture of at least 10 cats

This is another unusually long sentence for animal cruelty but it is very welcome as we are used to judges failing to sentence severely enough in cases of cat cruelty. The sentence appears to be commensurate with the crime as the torture appears to have been extreme.

There is not much detail except that in a video a local news media outlet describes cats being zip tied inside cages and tortured.

RELATED: Oklahoman kitten serial killer sentenced to 12 years in prison- There are some mad people around. You have be criminally mad to do what these two did.

Joshua Bowyer of San Diego has been jailed for 8 years for gross cat torture to death
This is the readout from the missing cat's GPS tracker which led police to Boyer's home where the tortured and killed cats were in cages. 

I'll leave the rest to you imagination but don't dwell on it. It sounds like this man is very emotionally damaged and in need of treatment as well as punishment.

There were more than a dozen dead cats inside his home.

The police investigated when a missing cat's GPS tracker pinged at his house.  This would indicate that he was stealing domestic cats and torturing them to death.

The news media won't go into detail as it is too gory.

His name is Joshua Boyer (believed). He lives at Oceanside, San Diego, Calif, USA.


P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

Tuesday 20 February 2024

Scarlet Blake alleged murderer and cat killer claims she killed and tortured to please partner

NEWS AND COMMENT/OPINION: This is the continuing story of Scarlet Blake. It is a muddled story and it is unfolding in court at the moment in the UK. You may have read that she has been accused or it appears that she copied the behaviour of Luka Magnotta about which a documentary was made and aired on Netflix called Don't F***with Cats. 

Scarlet Blake. Image in the public domain.

Luka Magnotta is notorious for suffocating two kittens in a plastic bag and then going on to kill a man and he uploaded the videos to the Internet. I have the video of the suffocation of the cats but I can't present all of it because that would be against current Internet rules. But if you want to see the beginning of it then please click this link.

Inspired by docuseries?

We are not sure if Blake was inspired by this docuseries but her behaviour indicates that it was. But there are complications. She claimed that she is transgender and she told her parents that she was transgender when she was 12 and her parents rejected her and her feelings. This appears to have had a severely detrimental effect on her mental health and development.

My interpretation of the story, is that she hates herself and wants to be destroyed. She is obsessed with blood and destruction. She claimed that she self harms. She is a very troubled woman/man.


As mentioned, she claims that she is transgender and has been taking testosterone blockers and has taken these drugs for a long time. We don't know whether she is a woman transgendering to be a man or vice versa. On the basis that she is taking testosterone blockers it indicates that she is a man transgendering to be a woman. If that is correct, this individual is a young man but the news media does not say this.

Did it to please partner?

And with respect to the cat that she tortured and allegedly put into a blender, she claimed that she did this to please her then lover or partner who apparently she met on a forum. Her partner's name is Ashlynn Bell who lives in Colorado, US. It is seems that her relationship with Bell was on the Internet through this forum but I don't know.

She claims that she dissected and put a neighbour's cat in a blender to please Bell. She feels guilty about it. She claims that she did not want to kill the cat but carried out this gruesome killing to put on a show for her partner/lover as it was her birthday or it was Valentine's Day.

She claims it was to make Bell happy because it was something that Bell wanted her to do. She pretended to enjoy it. The whole thing was choreographed she says.

She was asked in court whether she was concerned or aware of the cat's suffering and her response apparently, according to the report, that she felt "awful and guilty". She ended the cat's suffering by stabbing the animal in the heart.

She is also accused of killing a man who ultimately drowned apparently. It's not clear whether she hit him over the head and he subsequently fell into a river or a canal. But on social media there are claims that she strangled him but that would be impossible with the strength that she has or claims to have because she claimed that she has the strength of a unfit woman.

So it appears that she hit the man over the head and then pushed him into this canal or river. He drowned. She said that she was unable to refuse Bell's requests to harm others.

The court also heard that her name was previously Alice Wang. She claims that she suffers from dissociative identity disorder. She says that she has different parts of herself and feels like there are various people in her head. 

She lost her sex drive because of the drug she is taking and in response to a question about her sex life at court, she said the following: "Giving myself up to someone who would take pleasure in destroying me was something I was, I don't know, drawn to".

She involved herself in role-play with Bell in which she was strangled. This indicates that Bell was in the UK at the time? Confused.


This is an update, and as you can see it's a bit vague because the reporting is not that great in my opinion. But my conclusion about Blake is that she is a very emotionally disturbed woman or man I don't know which; obsessed with perhaps her own death and the killing and death of others. It seems that she wants to die and has very low self esteem. That is my personal assessment on what I read in reports and I'm a layperson not a psychiatrist.

Source of information: various but mainly Mail Online.
P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

Tuesday 30 May 2023

China - cowcat's torture and 'murder' has sparked a mass movement for animal welfare laws

Animal advocates protest in China for animal welfare laws sparked by the sadistic murder of cowcat
Animal advocates protest in China for animal welfare laws sparked by the sadistic murder of 'cowcat'. Screenshot. The cat's picture is on the placard in the picture.

NEWS AND OPINION: As I understand it, "cowcat" is the name given by animal rights protestors in China to a stray cat who was hideously tortured and then murdered after three days. And I believe that the person who did this is notorious now in China. He is a food vlogger (makes videos about food preparation). 

He is also a horrendously cruel animal torturer specifically against stray cats. He has created, I believe, a video game app in which the players have to kill domestic cats in food blenders and other disgusting ways. And I believe that he runs a gang of Chinese people living in China who enjoy cruelly abusing, torturing and then "murdering" cats in sadistic ways.

He has various names and these are some of them: Xu Zhihui - Xu Mouhui - Jack Hot Strip - Jack Spicey Strip. His photo is above.

I have a quite lengthy page on this man which you can read by clicking on this link. There was an allegation that he was beaten up by a gang of other men. But I'm not sure that is accurate. It does indicate, though, that he is notorious in China.

The legacy that this sadistically 'murdered' cat might leave China is that Beijing introduces some sort of umbrella animal welfare laws to protect cats in the future. I would very much doubt that that will happen but it just might eventually happen if enough people for long enough protest and make the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) sit up and think about what they're doing.

The CCP refuse to enter the 21st century in terms of animal welfare protection. They prefer to remain in the dark ages and stick with tradition. The tradition of China 2000 years ago amounted to cruelty to animals and that tradition has been brought forward to the 21st century. It is time for it to stop.

The culture has to change and one way to change culture is to introduce laws which force people to change their ways and develop new habits: habits in which animals are treated as sentient beings to be respected.

Sunday 28 May 2023

Xu Zhihui - Xu Mouhui - Jack Hot Strip - Jack Spicey Strip leads a gang torturing/killing street cats in China

NEWS AND OPINION: Xu Zhihui - Xu Mouhui - Jack Hot Strip - Jack Spicey Strip leads a gang torturing street cats in China and he created a video game app in which cats are cruelly killed in kitchen blenders. These are ALLEGATIONS. He did it for real! He killed a cat in a blender and videoed it and uploaded the video to Chinese social media.

Update: I've been told by a reliable associate who knows more than I do about this evil gang of cat torturers that the man I've mentioned Xu Zhihui is not the true leader of this gang but a person living in America who funds them. I am confirming this because it sounds very strange to me. Note: I could not confirm it and believe it was a lie.

The real leaders are in hiding and they use the name Xu Zhihui to post videos. I don't know whether this is a real person or a fictional person. Probably the latter. It is symptomatic of this story that it is shrouded in smoke and mirrors which what I'd expect.

Xu Zhihui - Xu Mouhui - Jack Hot Strip - Jack Spicey Strip
Xu Zhihui - Xu Mouhui - Jack Hot Strip - Jack Spicey Strip. Gross and disgusting cat torturer and killer who needs to be stopped asap.

Gang? torturing and killing street cats

The story isn't clear but in my current opinion, Xu Zhihui is the leader of a gang (not sure if it's a gang or he kills alone) of Chinese men who like to torture and kill street cats in China. He is a food blogger/vlogger and he runs multiple accounts. He has a large following on a Chinese website called Bilibili with 400,000 followers and a Weibo account with over 20,000 fans. He posts videos of himself cooking (cats??). 

That seems to be his mainstream activity but I would allege that as a side activity to entertain himself and his gang of merry murderers, he commits the most heinous animal cruelty against street cats.

Cowcat was brutally tortured for 3 days by a famous food blogger. The Cowcat case kind of leads and symbolizes this "animal rights movement" in China.

I briefly saw a picture of one of the cats he horrendously tortured (I think the above tweet refers to it). He tied the cat up and cut off the cat's paws and then burnt the cat to death. And there is an uploaded image of this. It's something I shouldn't have seen but I just bumped into it. There is another below but I have pixelated it.

There is a current movement in China for animal welfare laws due to the hideous torture of this cat. If Beijing does create laws because of this cat's torture it would be the best legacy any cat has given to the world ever.

Different names

The problem with this man is that he has various names and personas and therefore is very difficult to know where the truth lies. For example, another name is Xu Mouhui (online name @jack spicy strip).

And I've written about this man before firstly in respect of a video game which I think he created. I don't know for sure but I think he did. It's a video game in which the player kills cats by putting them in blenders and in other cruel ways.

Beaten up

It fits in very nicely with his general modus operandi (MO) which is to torture cats and kill them. And I've seen on Twitter allegations that he killed cats by putting them in microwaves or one of his gang did. And also, I have a page on another website in which I have a video showing him allegedly being beaten up on the streets of China. Note: this video may show a gang beating up someone else in Holland! See what I mean. It is all smoke and mirrors.

It appears that he became well-known enough to be recognised and he wasn't just known for his cooking but also for his cat killing and torture.

No animal welfare laws China

The great difficulty with this man is stopping him. This is because in China they have very weak animal welfare laws. There is no umbrella animal welfare law which protects animals in general. This is shocking in itself. In fact, it is as shocking to know this as it is to know that this disgusting man allegedly tortures and kills cats.

But perhaps he does it because he knows he can get away with it. It is just not illegal to do it. However, my research on a Chinese website, tells me that the police are involved (but in what way?) and although there is no penalty for abusing stray cats and dogs 'without owners' (as they say) it may be against the law to upload videos of animal abuse because it is a breach of the peace. It disturbs society and undermines the cohesion of society. That, as I understand it, maybe why his activities could be illegal in China.


He apologised but can we believe that he is sincere? He asked to be given another chance. And he said that he was willing to bear all the consequences of his actions. He posted this apology on April 27 on his Weibo channel. 

On that channel he writes:

I am "Jack Hot Strip" Xu Zhihui, and I feel very ashamed, remorseful and sorry for my behavior of abusing cats and taking videos, grafting videos of online cat abuse and sharing in QQ groups.
You can read the apology and see a disgusting video (click here) in which I believe his apology is written out but, in the background, out of focus, is a video of a cat being abused. Thankfully it is out of focus but even then, it is horrifying and shocking.

Weibo post

On Weibo below this post (poor translation from Chinese) is the picture below which I have partly pixelated.

Jack Spicy Strip only admits to abusing cats, without mentioning the industrial chain formed by shooting cat-abuse videos, have these audiences investigated? Nearly a thousand demons in the group are quick to enjoy the abuse and mutilation of weak lives, and dare not imagine how twisted and ugly souls are covered under human skin, this is only the tip of the iceberg that has been exposed, there is no cost of crime, there will always be abuse and mutilation in the dark places!!!

That link also takes you to his channel on If you are a Chinese speaker then you will be much more able than me to understand what is going on.

The trouble is that translates the Chinese into English and it is very poor English. In fact, it is unintelligible. But the general drift is that people don't believe his apology is genuine.

My thanks to and Twitter.

Wednesday 3 March 2021

Trusting friendly domestic cats tortured by US Government in experiments

OPINION AND COMMENT: I am referring to animal testing, specifically cruel experiments on friendly domestic cats in a government facility. Animal cruelty funded by American taxpayers' dollars. The research was carried out by the Department of Veteran's Affairs at three labs one of which is in Los Angeles.

Cat used in animal testing in a US gov facility for VA
Cat used in animal testing in a US gov facility for VA
Photo: CBS LA.

The Metro online newspaper refers to one friendly little cat, Artemis, who was aged one at the time; a young cat with his life ahead of him. He was inexperienced and expecting his humans around him to be as friendly as him. 

The cruel so-called scientists, more like torturers and abusers, drilled holes in his head to implant electrodes to analyse sleep patterns. He endured three years of tests and was killed at the end and dissected. Difficult to comprehend how educated people could do this. 

Other cats were kept in small cages, it is reported and injected with chemicals. They were eventually asphyxiated and killed. Animal advocates argue that the experiments were pointless and useless in terms of understanding human physiology. 

Madeleine Bernstein of the LA Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said: "It blows my mind that we can fight a pandemic with a code, but they have to bash a cat in order to come up with some sleep pattern. It really doesn’t make sense in 2021."

The experts say that experiments on cat's brains don't really assist humans. In 2020 the LA lab spent $5 million on torturing cats in experiments.

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) claim, as expected, that the experiments were designed to improve treatments for veterans injured in combat.

They say they'll end the experiments in 2021 but there seems to be some distrust over their word. White Coat Waste Project (a taxpayer watchdog group) say the VA can't be trusted.

A bill is in Congress appropriately called CATS. It will end the torture if and when it is passed into law. 

I have written about this sort of thing before on another website. Click here to read it if you wish.

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