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Lion versus Tiger - Lion Wins

This is a very long, very comprehensive page full of links and information on the once hotly debated subject of lion vs tiger. Please scroll all the way down if you are interested in reading a full treatise on the subject. This page supports the argument that the lion would win. The page was first published in May 2012. I have decided that it needs to be republished almost 10 years later as it is too good to languish at the bottom of the archive. I hope you enjoy it. You will if the fictional lion versus tiger fight (in the wild) interests you.

Updating note: When this was published a couple of years ago (it feels a lot longer) all the links worked but now many are broken. Sorry. But this happens with external links. A lot of sites simply move, delete or archive pages over time. This page remains a useful resource for those researching the lion versus tiger debate.
It is really a hypothetical fight because these two species of big wild cat don't meet unless it is under artificial, human contrived conditions. I have a page on lion vs tiger that is also comprehensive in its own right: Lion vs Tiger. This page has lots more lion vs tiger information and it has been carefully collated and researched.

Except for this introduction by me, the page was written and prepared by Braddah Keala who lives in Hawaii. Thank you Braddah. I think he is the world's expert on the lion vs tiger debate. I think it is fair to say that Braddah favours the lion in a lion versus tiger fight but he is fair in his assessment. You will see that from the large amounts of historical information presented below which favours the lion.

Note: there are many links below. Over the intervening 10 year some have failed which is normal because webpages are deleted from time to time. It remains an excellent body of work nonetheless.

This is what Braddah says:

I think the following information and links are a proven indication that the lion will never be just a push over if the fight is on steady ground. Check these out. I put together my own summary for my personal use of the lion's side, here...It concerns the ideas of  Expert’s, Trainer’s, Tamer’s, Owner’s, Zoologist’s Opinion’s on Lion vs tiger’s... Braddah Keala ^_^ (Hawaii, USA)


First, here are some pictures of lions fighting tigers provided by Braddah. I would like to claim fair use for the publication of these pictures here on educational grounds. If anyone has a problem with these pictures being published here please tell me and I'll delete if your arguments are sound. Thank you.


Then I would like present a list of notes and links provided by Braddah Keala. This is a long page! This shows how comprehensively Braddah has collated the information. Note: over time some of these links will become dead. I can't do anything about that, sorry.

1. Tiger and lion expert Dave Hoover, said lions are the better fighters:

2. Indian zooligist Jam Sahib comments on "biased" cat enthusiast Karish Singe and witnesses 4 occasions when lions beat tigers and gives his opinion on lions.

3. Animal trainer and expert Louis Roth, favors the lion over the tiger in a fight. In his book:

4. Animal expert Alfred Court, thinks the lion wins over the tiger in a fight:

5. Animal trainer John Helliot, favors the lion over the tiger in a fight. He’s the guy on the right hand side of Clyde Beatty who also wrote a lion kill a polar bear article.

6. Animal expert Dave Salmoni, says he’d give the edge to a lion in a fight with a tiger.

7. Animal tamer Clyde Beatty, said lions will win 9/10 against tigers.

8. Animal enthusiast and poet Oliver Goldsmith, ranked the lion over the tiger.'&source=bl&ots=g1TAll-5xC&sig=DGi-ZspT444D1ZdbX5jYWUItBO4&hl=en&sa=X&ei=oEu7T_L7OaiviALuyoXVDQ&ved=0CBUQ6AEwAA

9. Animal expert an tamer Courtney Cooper, said lions usually win more in tiger fights. In her book she state’s LIONS"N"TIGERS"N"EVERYTHING 1924 By Courtney Riley Cooper.
Page 32, I like the tiger cat more than I like the lion cat.
Page 68, lions are "King Of Beasts"
Page 70, lion kills a tiger in a very brutal fight.
Page 78, Cooper says lion is "King Of Beasts" and a good father.
Pages 84-85, FEMALE tiger kills heavier MALE tiger defending her cubs.

10. Poet an painter an animal enthusiast Geroge Buffon, picked lions over tigers in a fight.

11. Big cat trainer Jim Chipperfield support’s the lion in a fight with a tiger. {Lion vs tiger Book}

12. Big cat trainer Edward Jewitt Wheeler, say’s the lion is superior to the tiger. {Lion vs tiger Book}

13. Big cat tamer Isac Kaufman Funk agrees lions are superior to tigers. {Lion vs tiger Book}

14. Lion an tiger trainer Willam Seaver Woods, say’s a lion would beat a tiger. {Lion vs tiger Book}

15. Tiger an lion tamer Arther Stimson Draper, says lions usually win against tigers. {Lion vs tiger Book}

16. Brother of Isac Kaufman Funk, Wilfred John Funk agrees lions are superior. {Lion vs tiger Book}

17. Marco Peters a lion and tiger trainer says male tigers are afraid of male lions.

18. Big cat expert Alex Kerr goes with a lion in a fight with a tiger.

19. Indian zooligist Kalish Shankala says lions beat tigers due to their manes.

20. Sir Frank owner of Bowstock says lions are more dangerous than tigers.

21. Lee Yong Phil zoo keeper says lions dominate tigers.

22. Frank C. Mendel, professor of pathology, says male lions mostly win in fights with other cats

23. Chapter 4 Sajamu, religious dances rein acting of lions that killed and ate tigers.

24. Circus performer and big cat owner Geroge Conklin says in his book the male lion has the advantages over other cat’s

25. Beatty Cole states that lions do kill tigers

26. Caroll Soo Holl apparently knows lions are capable of killing male tigers

27. Burt Nelson says lions usually whips tigers

28. Entire team of Tiger Territory a site that has 200 pages of studying information dedicated to the tiger, has a confirmation that lion’s are superior to tiger’s in fighting…

29. 1842 animal news article having a trainer of all animals…saying lions were the most dominant animal and feared more above tigers.

30. The menagerie…lions will not stay in the same cage with tigers. "We tried this once, putting a lioness in with a Bengal tiger. There was a fierce fight and the lioness nearly killed the Bengal." Chapter V11

31. Caviar and Cabbage by Melvin B. Tolson . Tolson was a professor, poet and writer portrayed by Denzel Washington in The Great Debaters , which is based on a true story from 1935 America.

32. Sir Samuel W. Baker has carefully compared the strength and other qualities of the lion an tiger and he decides in favor of the lion.
Recorded Historical Documents of Lions Killing Tigers

1. Genius books/Animal facts, Lion named Nero killed Tim the tiger in an Australian zoo – Documentary.

2. 1936 Agartala Zoo in Bengal, a lion kills a tiger. (Local news report)

3. 1935 Sikestonians saw a lion kill a tiger in a local town circus act.(Documentary)

4. 2 tigers died, In the big cage tiger from a lion-(Video) which Clyde Beatty is talking about lions in general… when they are intermediate family they will gang up on tigers. Other than that lions will not help another lion,

5. 1955 Oct, 6 Natural history society, page 465-468, 3 separate accounts lion won all 3. (Documentary)

6. 1960 Korea pit fights male lions won majority of all fights stated by zoo keeper Lee Young Phil. (Hidden news Report)

Lee Young Phil said there were a few tiger and lion fights staged and recorded. And only one in which the female tiger fought the lioness was aired… with harsh words by the Korean narrator saying, the lion was no match, yet it was a 50/50 fight with the tiger bleeding to death. Also saying the films were edited an spliced in favor of the tiger, which if there were more than a few male fight’s recorded, why weren't the others ever shown? It is highly concluded the male lion’s won all, and the videos were destroyed due to cultural idealism of the Koreans. Here’s the other alibi to that same fight…

7. 1981 Martin. L Albert witnessed a lion kill a tiger.(Documentary)

8. 1954 Lion kills tiger with one blow in Baltimore Zoo.(Documentary)

9. 1935 In the town Bedford, Massachusetts a zoo lost a tiger to a
lion. (Local news)

10. Gir Forest - 3 tigers vs 3 lions, all lions won. (Video) -Youtube-

11. 2011 Korea two teen lions killed a adult Bengal tiger in an enclosure.(Video)- Youtube-

12. King Edward the lion kill’s Dan the male tiger. (Book)

13. Calcutta zoological gardens -  a lioness kills a tiger (news article)

14. Gambier Bulton, British menagerie saw a lioness kill a tiger. (news article)

15. 1925 Rudolf Kludsky had said several lions had killed his tigers.

16. M. Herbert’s menagerie lion kills male Royal Bengal tiger. (news article)

17. 1970 Pittsburgh press lion kills tiger in India. (video)

18. Mr F. C owner of Bowstock had a lion kill a tiger before his act. (news article)

19. 1949 in Fitchburg a lion kills Roger the male tiger in circus act. (news article)

20. 1851, In the Landshuter Zeitung a lion killed a tiger. (German news article)

21.1985 Alan Gold’s circus lion kills tiger

22. Lion kills tiger in a circus (February 1951. Detroit).

23. Lioness kills tiger: Happened in a zoo (September 1951. Madras Zoological Gardens).

24Dave Hoover 2 tigers killed by lions:

25. Beatty Cole lions kill 2 tigers:

26. Clyde Beatty’s circus act Caesar the lion kills Bobby the male

27. Bavenna, OH, Lioness kills tigress.

28. 2008 Cheongi the lion kills 50 pound bigger Siberian tigress name Hobi. Jeonju zoo.This is Hobi the tiger before the incident sparing with a friendly lion…
And this is Hobi after the incident with Cheongi the not so friendly lion…

29. 2006 lion's mate kills huge white tigress in Leberic a Czech zoo. There was only one bite mark on Isabella’s throat and no other wounds concluding even though 2 lions occupied the same enclosure with Isbella the tiger, only one lion attacked Isabella.

30. Lion kills Puna the male tiger:

31. A lion kills a tiger in a palace of an Indian prince in front of
It’s on this site called tiger territory, on here…

32. TIGER: THE STORY OF THE INDIAN TIGER 1977 By Kailash Sankhala. Saw
on four occasions lions defeating tigers in the wild.
His book was taken from his original text here…

33. Jam Aahib has wittnessed 3 fights each time the lion defeats the tiger in his book here…
also in his summary when he exploited Keshari Singh he points them out again here…

34. 1834 diary of a lion defeating a tiger.

35. A lion kills a bear and tiger in 1 fight.

Historical Artifacts and Sculptures

These are mostly from museums, portraying the lion winning against the tiger and each has a back story if you care to look them up. Apparently they would have to have seen the incident, to etch it or sculpture it and these are from different people from Rome, to India, to Britain, to China all portraying the same thing the lion winning.















































Cultural knowledge - Seyoung lion defeating tiger

Lion fighting a nian who the tiger couldent.

Indian folklore has the lion as the ultimate test not tigers.

Lion god’s diplicted by men.

ANATOMY - Power of the lion’s mane

Note from admin: there are some long quotes here from what appears to be old books etc. Once again I claim fair use on educational grounds if the work is still protected by copyright. If anyone wishes text be deleted please contact me and present your argument and I would be pleased to oblige.

Source 1
Now both males attack, one grappling with her head as the other bites her stomach. She twists away in pain from the stomach bite. Note the protection offered by the mane on the lion on the left as the female's claws and blows are cushioned by the thick matted fur.

Source 2
Indeed there are good scientific data that male lions with long manes are more likely to survive and have fewer injuries. The Fetal Matrix: Evolution, Development and Disease By Peter D. Gluckman, Mark Hanson

Source 3
This tiger was captured in India and went against a lion after being in captivity for only few days. Don't tell me that these few days changed the tiger's behavior in which it could not deliver a fatal neck bite. It was the tiger's fight and he knew it. He sprang at the staggering lion, took a fearful chop on the nose without flinching and set his teeth into the African's hairy throat. They wrestled desperately, and the lion's heavy mane saved him from suffocation. Great mouthfuls of long coarse hair catching in the Tiger's teeth not only preventing him from getting a death grip, but so interfered with his with his respiration that he had to release the hold, whereupon the Lion swatted him with a tremendous uppercut and sent him tumbling twenty feet away.

Source 4
The lion's mane, not possessed by the female, is evidently such a weapon of defense; it is a excellent means of protection against the bites which the male lions try to inflict on each other's necks when fighting for the females; consequently those males with the strongest manes have the greatest advantage in the sexual struggle. The History of Creation, Or, The Development of the Earth and Its Inhabitants by the Action of natural causes. By L. Dora Schmitz, Sir E Ray Lankester

Source 5
“Down sprang Caesar, determined to seize the offensive, but before he could do so, Bobby had battled his way through Caesar's paws, grabbed his mane so stubbornly that he couldn't move. For the next couple of minutes each struggled and strained for an advantage, but Bobby's hold was so tenacious that they only succeeded in twisting a little. With the cameras continuing to grind and getting nothing but a little harmless tug of war… Energy spent, the exhausted Bobby tried to roll away from Caesar, but Caesar's hold now was as firm as Bobby's which had been on his mane. Seeing this turn in affairs, I dashed into the cage. Already Caesar's jaws had crunched Bobby's neck and when I got there Caesar was shaking Bobby's limp, bloody head and throat from side to side. Bobby's eyes were turning stary. He was dead and it was only two minutes since I had dashed the ammonia into his face. I was keenly sorry that I had done it, but in thinking it over I became convinced that my part had been negligible. The lion is frequently the
superior; he doubtless would have been the winner in this case no matter what I had done.”

Source 6
If so, it is conceivable that a single male lion attacked by a pack of hyenas could reduce injury with the help of its mane. Manes protect males in interaspecific in other species. It may additionally confer advantages by limiting wounding in the neck region. ~Antipredator Defenses in Birds and Mammals By Timothy M. Caro

Source 7
The lion's mane, not possessed by the female, is evidently such a weapon of defense; it is a excellent means of protection against the bites which the male lions try to inflict on each others necks when fighting for the females; consequently those males with the strongest manes have the greatest advantage in the sexual struggle. The History of Creation, Or, The Development of the Earth and Its Inhabitants by the Action of natural causes. By L. Dora Schmitz, Sir E Ray Lankester

Source 8
The mane is also a means of protection to the face and neck during fights between male lions.

Source 9
It causes him to look bigger without increasing his weight or need for food. It also protects him from bites and scratches should he have to fight another male.

Source 10
The mane protects the lion from bites to the throat or the neck.

Source 11
The mane protects the lion during fights with other males.

Source 12
The lion’s thick mane protects his neck against raking claws during fights with other males for membership in the pride.

Source 13
(e.g lion's mane protects him from teeth and claws in a fight).

Source 14
Male lions are the only cats with manes. This collar of long, thick hair covers the head, except the face, and the neck down to the shoulders and chest. The mane makes the male look even bigger and stronger than he is. It also protects him during fights. The long, thick hair softens the blows of his foes.  Schaller, George B. "Lion." World Book Encyclopedia. 2002 ed. The best naturalist of the 20th century said that.

Source 15
On the open savannah, a lion's mane advertises his maleness from a great distance. To enhance his mane, a lion will do the "lion strut": tip-toeing on front legs, erect body and tail. The mane also protects against claws and teeth in male combat.

Source 16
A male lion's mane is designed to protect the animal from attacks from other lions. It apparently also works with hand grenades as well. Marjan's neck and chest were spared serious injury, but his face was badly mutilated by the blast.

Source 17
The most distinctive feature of the male lion is its mane, a collar of long, thick fur. An adolescent male's mane will begin to grow at 18 months, after which it will continue to grow and darken until the age of five. A visual indicator of gender and power, the mane also serves to protect the lion's neck from other lions.

Source 18
The mane helps protect the lion’s neck during fighting and make him appear larger to competitors.

Source 19
Their mane serves a number of purposes: a) it identifies him as a mature male to other lions, even at a distance b) it gives an appearance of increased size with little weight cost c) the condition of the mane conveys the level of health and vigour to female lions d) it can help protect the head and neck area in fights with other lions.
Source 20
Samantha Stephens, says the lions mane might not make a big difference, but it might be that crucial amount of difference.

Source 21
“When one animal attacks another, he seems to know by instinct. He strikes for the neck for a quick kill. Nature seems to have provided the lion with a defensive covering -- a mane to protect the neck area.” ~The Lion in Fact and in Fiction

Source 22
“The mane is strictly a male attribute and gives lion’s their majestic aura… It acts almost like a fencing mask, absorbing paw swipes aimed at the head and necks during fights between rivals. When mane’s grow to big for both rival’s, the fight can last up to hour’s due to the mane protecting the main arterie’s, little to nothing can be done to male’s who have mane’s that grown larger than others for it’s main reason is for combat .”
~The Art of Being a Lion

Source 23
The mane plays an important role in the lion’s life. While a long mane that blows easily in the wind may be difficult to hide when hunting an alert zebra, it is a distinct advantage in defense… That same mane gives his neck a good bit of protection in case the intruder does not turn away and chooses to challenge the resident lion for his position.
~The Last Big Cats An Untamed Spirit

Source 24
Male lions are larger than females and possess a voluminous mane which contrast with the sleek pelage on other parts of the body… The distinctive colors and sizes of manes may also help animals to identify individuals. An important secondary function of the mane is one of protection during fights. The dense mat of hair absorbs blows and harmlessly tangles claws in a part of the body towards which most social contact is directed; bites too, may leave an opponent with a mouth full of hair rather than skin. ~The Serengeti Lion A Study of Predator-Prey Relations Wildlife Behavior and Ecology series.

Source 25
There is no direct evidence, but if we examine the probabilities in the case of a confrontation between the two some inferences can be drawn. In a fight would de unable to get close to the vital joint of a lion’s neck because of his thick mane, but the tiger is vulnerable to the lion. The film showed that the tiger was at an immediate disadvantage. Tigers use a throat grip as their primary means of killing and the lion's thick protective mane prevented the tiger gaining a hold on the throat joint. On the other hand, the tiger had no special protection, so was vulnerable to attack. In this fight, the tiger was killed. In any inter-species confrontation lions would also have the advantage of the who pride. But in my opinion a tiger is no match even for a single lion of equal strength. In any inter-species confrontation lions would also have the advantage of support from members of the whole pride. But in my opinion a tiger is no match even for a single lion of equal strength. Tiger! The Story of the Indian Tiger, by Kailash Sankhala.

Source 26
Now, as to a lion and tiger, I should say that the tiger is the more powerful of the two. At the same time, it is more cowardly, has more of the slinking nature of the cat, and is more treacherous. I believe I’m fully qualified to state, as I’ve had them both on me. I bear the teeth marks of a lion that shut his jaws tight on my legs. But it isn’t the teeth of the big cats trainers fear so much. It is the claws, being hooked, tear out the flesh and sinew as they are withdrawn. When a lion goes at a trainer he starts right towards him, with no subterfuge, mouth open and tail as stiff as a poker. A tiger cringes and crawls until he makes his spring. In a fair fight it would be hard to guess which animal would come off victor, and much would depend, I think on the one that got the first good hold. The lion also is protected around the neck by the heavy mane, which is an advantage. ~George Conklln, “Adventures With a Circus”
Impressive Lions
- 900 pound lion,2398849
800 pound lion named ponto fight’s off 2 tiger’s
826 pound lion named simba
800 pound lion named mubasa
826 pound lion
800 pound lion attack’s tarzan
2… 800 pound lion’s 1 named Prince an 1 named clarence
Lion kill’s bear’s
1.1902 lion named Roosevelt killed Peary the polar bear.

2.John Heliot’s circus lion named Brutus kills polar bear.

3. lion kills polar bear 1955 By Alfred Court.[Book]Pages 131-132,

4. lion kills polar bear Louis Roth, forty years with jungle killers,
[Book] page 204-205.

5.1893 Pezon in limoges, Leo the lion kills polar bear

6.Boltimore the lion kills Russian grizzly

7. Lion stale mate’s enormous grizzley bear

8. Lion kills Bruin the grizzly bear


Roman Arenas

Caspian tiger's closest genotype, were Siberian tigers by only a fraction off their DNA. So in term's scientist have concluded, they were imported from Siberia and fought with the Barbary lion.

There's only one source of all the story's that has branched out for a victory of the tiger's side, over the lion in the gladiator event's. It was a man named Martial Peters who saw a tiger kill a lion in the arena. Every time you here tiger's invaribly won, or the tiger won is manipulated to have been every match... but every one unbeknownst they are only quoting Martial Peters, but they ignore his what he says  that it was very unexpected and it was a rarity to see a tiger win, meaning lions were usally the dominant animal. That's absolutely the only account on hand that date's that far back for the tiger's side, which were blown out of porportion's of claiming that was the usual outcome.

On the other hand there are over 15 historical artifacts an over 10 remnants and scriptures, that explain the lion was the usual victor in the gladitorial events here...

1. “Next, the arena was lowered to feature combat between them as lions tore apart tigers, and went up against bears, leopards against wolves. It goes without saying that the Romans had never heard of animal rights.” ~Ken Spiro; WorldPerfect
2. “The amphitheatre had grown so still, that the clear melody of the flute was distinctly audible over the whole vast space. As soon as the disturbance ceased, the king of the beast, apparently untroubled by the new visitor, returned to his food. But the cowardice, peculiar to nocturnal beasts in the daylight, awoke in the tiger. He beheld in the shrieking multitude friends of the flute-player, and seeing the lion eating, seized the nearest piece of meat. But with a single bound the lion sprang forward, roaring loudly, to defend his property. The
tiger’s claws clutched the lion’s and a fierce struggle began. The lion aimed terrible blows at his antagonist, which the tiger avoided with marvelous skill; the tiger’s teeth seized the lion’s mane, but at the same instant the latter tore off with his claws from the upper
part of the tiger’s head half the skin, from which an eat and a broad trail of blood upon the sand, the tiger returned to his cage, where he howled piteously. The grating was raised, and soon only a faint whining was audible. Either the animal was dying, or the keepers had
stupefied him to be able to cure him. The lion stood fiercely over his prey, which no one now disputed.” ~Antinous; a Romance of Ancient Rome
The Memoirs of Cleopatra
3. “They took on tigers, bears, bulls, and wild boars. Usually the lion won. page 284”
4. "Another subspecies very closely related to the Asian lion - the
Barbary lion or Panthera leo leo - became extinct in the wild in 1922
(in Morocco). This animal the Barbary lion had been the dominant
animal in the blood sports of the Roman arenas."
~Martin Seyer's dissertation (synopsis), Vienna University.
5. Tiger territory, AKA lairweb .com has stated tiger's were reluctant
to enter combat as much as lion's greeted foe's in the arena, also
proven in same concept of everland's video's how male lion's show high
agression at time's an drive off tiger's proclaiming there natrual
dominant trait's.

6. An half way down, in this archive here, they state roman's cheered
when lion's tore apart tiger's...

Cheer's mate, I'm having a few beer's an I was just blasting this song
I found... if you have a kicken sound system that has alot of bass an
treble and can really sub out like really loud... than you'll really
like this song...
A' Hui Ho,  Malama' Pono
Which mean's in Hawaiian= Take care, until we meet again. ^_^


  1. this is a huge list, appreciate the dedication of the author in collecting all the information about how lions are superior to tigers. This would mean that lions are stronger, bigger, have bigger claws,bigger canniness,bigger jaws,jump higher, run faster,bite harder,have stronger hind quarters, kill bigger prey, kill crocodiles, kill rhinos, kill prey alone, swim into river and snatch prey from crocodiles etc... hey but wait the tigers do all that not lions and there is documentary evidence for all that. lol documentary evidence contrary to links to youtube and pics and narration by circus troops from west. Ok

    1. The guy who prepared it lives in Hawaii and he has more time than me to prepare this! To be honest it is 50/50 on votes by the general public and that probably reflects reality depending on the individual cat.

    2. The "experts" in general say the tiger is superior.

    3. Tiger has better gear for hunting. Lions have better gear for fighting. Slight weight and canine difference are not that important in fighting especially between quite similar cats.

    4. In a fair fight, the Tiger would win most of the time. See, for example, these two articles:

      2. (see conclusion : 3.1.5)

    5. Personally I agree that the tiger wins but it is all theoretical in truth. Thanks for commenting.

  2. UFA, cada um que fique com sua opinião , nem precisa provas históricas ou evidências científicas , o fanatismo e a preferência pessoal sempre fala mais alto em todas as áreas da vida e do mundo em si , então por maiores que sejam as provas a ignorância permanece.

  3. Tigers use more swiftness in hunting and fighting than power. They rarely do frontal attacks. They are mostly rear attackers. Not to say tigers are not powerful, but not at the same level. They don't strike they victims, they grab them. The Lion's brutal and violent life style say's it all. They use their powerful front limbs to strike, hook and pull down a prey. Since cubs Lions receive countless hits and scratches a lot more than tigers. Male Lions fights more often and in average more brutal fights. In 2012 the National Geographic said the Lion is one of the toughest animal on earth. This means the Lion is strongly built. The tiger is not on the list. Lions are better fighters and have greater stamina and will power than tigers. Sometimes swiftness wins over power. As a general rule in fair fights a male lion will defeat a tiger. Historical fights on films and antique artifacts shows male lions victorious.

  4. , I have 10x documentaries of tiger killing lion how can I share it?

    1. Please email me on

      And I'll see if I can publish it on this blog or the main website asap. Thanks for commenting.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. And yes those those images of that roman stuff are all fake . I have exposed it over here

    4. Thanks for commenting. I am pleased your link is in the comment.

    5. Tigers killing lion

  5. Thanks, I just sent you the email.

    1. If you want to write a brief article on this topic just email me. I promise to publish it.

    2. Tigers killing lion 500 accounts

    3. It is very easy to prove your source of information was just propaganda. 1) The large majority of antique artifacts of the lion and tiger fights, the lion is the clear winner. 2) As far as I know the old historical lion vs tiger fights on film go in the favour of the male lion. If you were true, the tigers would have won easily all or at least the great majority of the combats cut on film. If there were so dominant, we shouldn’t see them running away from lions isn't it?

      For several fights it was a lion easy win. The agile tiger doesn’t seem to sustain a face to face fight with a mature healthy male lion. The tiger will try to fight at a distance. Sooner or later he will try to go to the rear. If he can he will try to make an escape. In all the historical films, sooner or later the male lion runs after the tiger. Tigers will attack when he sees a lion vulnerable that he can get an immediate advantage with a surprise attack or most of the time will attack the small lionesses, young male or old weaker lions. Rarely he will attack a large male lion at his prime specially a black mane in a fair fight. One very important detail to be a fair fight the two cats most be healthy, around the same age, both born in captivity or both born in the wild because there is a big difference between a born in the wild cat and a born in captivity.

      The nature’s laws are another way we can see the lion’s domination over the tiger. In nature the alpha will control food and mating. If lions and tigers are in the same enclose, most of the time a healthy mature male lion will dominate and take control of the food. Even if the male lion is with big bears or outnumbered by tigers chances are the lion will dominate. Several specialists notices that the tiger fears the adult male lions and avoid him. The male lion doesn’t fear the tiger. Animal instinct doesn’t lie.

      As a conclusion in most fair fights the lion will win.

    4. Many thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

    5. THE LION FANS here , MAKES only FAKE propaganda! In reallity, THE TIGER IS a lot biggest and strong for the poor lion!!! The HISTORY and the STATISTIQUES of the fights, sayes this, AND 90% OF THE EXPERTS explain THIS!!! If You go in the clip on youtube " TIGER DEFEAT LION 200 TIMES PART 1" THERE IS MY OLD WORK where i translated 100 documentations of 90% of the experts, WHERE THEY EXPLAINES VERY WELL WHY THE TIGER IS SUPERIOR TO LION!

    6. THE LION FANS here , MAKES only FAKE propaganda! In reallity, THE TIGER IS a lot biggest and strong for the poor lion!!! The HISTORY and the STATISTIQUES of the fights, sayes this, AND 90% OF THE EXPERTS explain THIS!!! If You go in the clip on youtube " TIGER DEFEAT LION 200 TIMES PART 1" THERE IS MY OLD WORK where i translated 100 documentations of 90% of the experts, WHERE THEY EXPLAINES VERY WELL WHY THE TIGER IS SUPERIOR TO LION!

    7. THE LION FANS here , MAKES only FAKE propaganda! In reallity, THE TIGER IS a lot biggest and strong for the poor lion!!! The HISTORY and the STATISTIQUES of the fights, sayes this, AND 90% OF THE EXPERTS explain THIS!!! If You go in the clip on youtube " TIGER DEFEAT LION 200 TIMES PART 1" THERE IS MY OLD WORK where i translated 100 documentations of 90% of the experts, WHERE THEY EXPLAINES VERY WELL WHY THE TIGER IS SUPERIOR TO LION!

    8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I always favoured the tiger to win!


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