Monday 4 April 2022

This is not feline attention seeking but feline friendship

Some people might say that this cat is seeking attention; feline 'attention seeking'. They might say that it is an example of unreasonable behavior. I don't see it that way. I simply see a cat who wants to be with this boy because they have a great relationship. The cat wants to be in contact with the boy. It's about reassurance and enjoyment. It's about a close relationship and this is the result. 

Cats don't do homework
Cats don't do homework. Screenshot.

The homework is a side issue and unrecognised by the cat. From the boy's perspective his cat is slightly irritating at that point because he gets in the way of his homework. The cat does not recognise the fact that they are interfering with the carrying out of homework. It is not done deliberately by the cat; they don't see it as an issue because cats don't do these sorts of things. 

It is another example of cats seeing humans as cats and being confused sometimes about human behavior as it does not fit feline behavior.

The way to play the video below is to click on the centre play button and then click on the button bottom-left! That is the way it is done at the moment with Google Blogger video uploads it seems to me. Sorry about the complication.

I guess this is because in the wild if a cat is apparently doing nothing then the other cat can go up to them and lie close to them. It is an example of the differences in human behaviour and cat behaviour. It's also a nice example of the kind of close relationship that kids can have with cats. You can see that the mother or father is filming it because the child turns towards the camera at the end and asks with his eyes whether the video can now stop and he can get on with his homework! The mother agrees because that is when the video ends

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