Can cat fleas live on humans?

Flea bite on person. Photo: FCG/Shutterstock

No, cat fleas can't live on humans because there is not enough hair to protect them. They don't live on the scalp either. The human is simply unsuitable for a cat or dog flea. Although occasionally a person might be bitten on their feet or ankle by a cat flea. This might occur if fleas are in the carpet waiting to jump onto a cat and instead, they jump onto the feet of the cat's owner.

Owners of full-time indoor cats sometimes ask how their cat can get fleas if they live inside the home all the time. One way is for the homeowner to walk a cat flea into the home on their clothes. Or perhaps the family dog, if there is one, can walk fleas into the home. Flea comb your cat every day if you want to make sure she is flea-free. Constant vigilance is the byword. But as you know you have to take a holistic approach: the whole house needs to be checked out and cleaned and not just the fur on your cat's back.


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