Friday 8 April 2022

Cat in carrier dumped by a family in the middle of parking lot on cold night (video)

There is nothing startling or strange about this video sadly. It happens all over the world from time to time. I suppose the place where the cat was abandoned is so exposed that the maximum time that he'd spend there would be one day. And he looks as if he was cared for pretty well until the end of his relationship with his owner. 

Cats of San Bernardino abandoned ginger tabby cat
Cats of San Bernardino abandoned ginger tabby cat. Screenshot.

Rarely there is a good reason why people abandon their pets. Even then the way to do it is obviously not like this. They could have taken him to a rescue shelter. Okay they'd look bad and perhaps be criticised but their cat would have a fighting chance of being rehomed. It seems so sloppy and cowardly to abandon your adult cat, the cat who has been your companion for years, in the middle of a parking lot in cold weather.

The video works but I think you have to click on the center play button first and the play button bottom-left afterwards to get it to play 😃. Mad but that's the way of the world. It was made in San Bernardino, California, I believe.

It is difficult to say it but a percentage of cat owners should not be cat owners as they are unsuited to the role. It makes me wonder whether it might be a good idea to vet (check out) people before they were allowed to have a cat. The same would apply to dogs. This is a completely unworkable idea but you think that sometimes it is the only way to ensure that all cat owners are able to look after a domestic cat to the required standard to prevent them being abandoned and become feral or as we see in the video. Or let them breed and create more unwanted cats. This sort of thing happens and it is the people who are unsuited the cat ownership who allow it to happen.

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