Friday 29 April 2022

Cowardly cat haters abuse outdoor domestic cats secretively

Almost daily we read about some form of domestic cat abuse carried out secretively by cat haters. The typical method to abuse a domestic cat is to feed them poison such as antifreeze. You can do that secretively very easily. Poison is probably a favourite of cat haters. Another is to simply kill them and mutilate cats. Once again this is done at night, out of sight, when their owners are asleep. Domestic cats are predisposed to abuse at night because indoor/outdoor cats are active at that time.

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Spray painted cat Australia
Spray painted cat Australia.

And sometimes we see domestic cat spray-painted. This is currently happening in Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia (see picture above). Cat owners are disgusted by it and they are up in arms. A secretive, cowardly cat hater is spray-painting domestic cats. Animal advocates are saying that not enough is being done by the local government to get to the bottom of it and enforce animal welfare laws. Some cat owners think that the enforcement of animal cruelty laws are underfunded in New South Wales, Australia. Aerosol paints are toxic to cats figures are going to lick it off.

I've seen domestic cats with elastic bands around their heads in another form of cat abuse.  Or tied tightly around legs to stop the blood flow. A further method of outdoor domestic cat abuses to shoot BB gun pellets at them from windows. In the UK they would be airguns. Sometimes people shoot .22 calibre rifle bullets at cats. This is what happens in America. Once again it is done secretively. It is rare that these perpetrators are caught by law enforcement.

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There are innumerable ways to abuse cat secretively. Another one comes to mind. Cat owners driving up to cat rescue facilities with unwanted cats in a cardboard box and dumping the box by the building. They do it at night but sometimes they are caught on security cameras. Or they may simply dump the cats among the garbage. They drive up quickly, leap out of the vehicle and dispose of the animals as fast as possible. They don't want to be caught quite naturally but these are cowardly acts by inadequate people. If they don't hate cat then they don't want because they been careless enough to allow them to breed.

Another way that cowardly cat hating people kill cats or harm them is to drive over them when they are on the road. Rather than avoiding a domestic cat on the road at night, they drive over them. Nobody knows how the cat died other than it was an accident on the road. It's a perfect crime and it disgusts me.

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It is sad to think that the friendliest domestic cats are the ones most exposed to abuse by cat haters. These are the cats who walk up to people on the street seeking human interaction because they've not got enough of it with their owner. The cat hater entices the cat towards them and then picks them up and abuses them. Or there may steal them. I've seen cat thieves do this. This is a form of cat abuse because the domestic cat is suddenly placed into an alien environment causing anxiety. These are also not infrequently captured on CCTV cameras. We can see who they are. However, they are rarely apprehended by law enforcement.

I read today, by the way, that in the UK only 6% of suspected criminals are charged. One in 16 crime suspects in the UK were taken to court last year. And only a tiny fraction of the people who commit crimes are actually taken to court. The police are almost doing nothing in the UK. You might as well simply disband the entire police force and live life without them.

Cat haters operate secretively and they are bolstered by the fact that they know they will rarely if ever be caught by the police because in the UK they are next to useless.

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