Monday 4 March 2024

San Diego man imprisoned for 8 years for extreme torture of at least 10 cats

This is another unusually long sentence for animal cruelty but it is very welcome as we are used to judges failing to sentence severely enough in cases of cat cruelty. The sentence appears to be commensurate with the crime as the torture appears to have been extreme.

There is not much detail except that in a video a local news media outlet describes cats being zip tied inside cages and tortured.

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Joshua Bowyer of San Diego has been jailed for 8 years for gross cat torture to death
This is the readout from the missing cat's GPS tracker which led police to Boyer's home where the tortured and killed cats were in cages. 

I'll leave the rest to you imagination but don't dwell on it. It sounds like this man is very emotionally damaged and in need of treatment as well as punishment.

There were more than a dozen dead cats inside his home.

The police investigated when a missing cat's GPS tracker pinged at his house.  This would indicate that he was stealing domestic cats and torturing them to death.

The news media won't go into detail as it is too gory.

His name is Joshua Boyer (believed). He lives at Oceanside, San Diego, Calif, USA.


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