Thursday 28 March 2024

Jilted senior councillor threatened to kill ex-lover's cats

NEWS AND VIEWS: Here is the summary of this news story in which unsurprisingly the woman's cats play a part. Cats are not infrequently used as tools by men to leverage desired human behaviour sometimes in an obnoxious way. The humble domestic cat is vulnerable to being used in this way as women (and men) normally have a close emotional bond with their cat. Threaten to harm the cat and you emotionally harm the owner and force them to behave in a way which is against their wishes.

Jilted senior councillor threatened to kill ex-lover's cats
Salisbury City Councillor Mark Mewse outside Salisbury Magistrates Court (Image: Ollie Thompson/Solent News)

In a rather bizarre and unsettling turn of events, Mark Mewse, a Tory councillor, embarked on a peculiar campaign to win back his ex-lover, Sarah Houchin. Let’s delve into the details:

  1. Lovebombing with Presents:

    • Mark Mewse, besotted and determined, showered Sarah with gifts. Not just any gifts, mind you, but specifically for her feline companions. Yes, he bought presents for her cats in a desperate bid to rekindle their romance.
    • The court heard that he left flowers on her car bonnet, sent her cards, and even gifted her and her cats a bag of goodies for Christmas. It’s like a feline-themed love story gone awry.
  2. Persistent Pursuit:

    • Undeterred by Sarah’s clear rejection, Mewse continued his relentless pursuit. He bombarded her with a constant barrage of messages, hoping to melt her heart.
    • CCTV footage revealed him waving and blowing kisses at her as she drove around Salisbury, Wiltshire. He even followed her into her workplace, leaving her feeling anxious and nervous.
  3. Threats to the Furry Companions:

    • But here’s where it takes a dark turn. When Sarah firmly declined his advances, Mewse allegedly threatened to kill her cats. Yes, you read that right. The same cats he had gifted presents to earlier.
    • It’s a chilling twist that involves both love and feline lives hanging in the balance.
  4. The Court Drama:

    • The case unfolded at Salisbury Magistrates’ Court, where Mewse faced charges of harassment.
    • Sarah, in her early 50s, stood her ground, making it unequivocally clear that she wanted no part in a relationship with the defendant.
    • Mewse, the Chair of the Personnel Committee at Salisbury City Council, denied the charges, but the evidence against him paints a vivid picture of obsession and misguided affection.

In summary, this tale combines romance, cat presents, and a dash of menace—a script that even Hollywood might find intriguing. 🐱❤️🌹

Source: Daily Mail Online

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