Sunday 3 March 2024

Emma Raducanu should wear a glove

Yes, I know that this is nothing to do with cats! But I have run out of things to say about cats so that's it. And I've thought about Emma Raducanu on and off for a while. I've concluded that she should wear a glove on her right hand. It would be a kangaroo skin glove of the same type worn by professional golfers.

The reason why I have suggested this is because in the past, as you might remember, she has suffered from blisters to her right hand. This is are going to be a problem for a tennis player who is not playing a lot of competitive tennis which would apply to Emma Raducanu.

After her last early round defeat she went home to lick her wounds and re-evaluate what she's doing. I decided that she's going to retire within 24 months. That might be a bit cruel and incorrect but I sense that is the way things are drifting.

There are no rules against tennis players wearing a glove to protect their playing hand. It makes sense to me. Nadal doesn't wear a glove but he wears white tape on his fingers. Some golfers actually also put tape on their fingers to protect them.

Kangaroo skin gloves are very high quality. They allow the player to maintain feel through the glove. They help the hand to grip the club. It makes playing golf more comfortable and I would suggest more tennis player should also where a kangaroo skin glove.

It would certainly entirely protect her right hand against blisters. It would be another step towards minimising injuries for which Emma Raducanu has become famous. I don't think the pro tennis lifestyle suits her actually. 

And I mean both physically and emotionally. She's talented but looking at her now I don't see her being any better than a lot of middle ranking women tennis players.

She suggested she might drop down to a lower tier in order to get more competitive playing time. She's not done that. If she did, I would suggest that she would never get out of that tier. I think it would be a bad idea but it may be the only idea.

Emma Raducanu will not wear a glove as I have suggested because she probably thinks it looks like she's admitted to the world that she has delicate hands or something. It's almost a sign of weakness because nobody else wears them. 

But I would recommend it and she could even brand the glove and market it. Make it a big thing and show it off. Be bold about it. That would help silence any critics.
P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

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