Sunday 3 March 2024

Why LIV golf will fail in the long term

Yes, another post that is not about cats. Sorry. I have kinda run out of things to say about cats. I've written many thousands of articles about them and it's time for me to spread my wings a bit. 😎😁

I have just read a story about Brooks Koepka who was taken aback by the fact that he had won an extra £3.2 million ($4 million) as a bonus after he had secured his LIV golf Jeddah title last October. He had no idea he was going to receive that enormous four million dollar bonus.

LIV golf is awash with cash. It is built on the back of money. LIV golf buys PGA golfers with huge monetary incentives. It buys their souls if you like. And some PGA golfers have taken these incentives and sold their soul to the money devil.

This will work and is working to a certain extent for a while. But at the end of the day it will fail because in the long term, once these golfers have made an extra $100 million-$200 million or more, money will no longer be an incentive.

For many of them, in any case, they had no need for more money. Most of these top PGA golfers are already multimillionaires with more than enough to support themselves and their families for the rest of their lives in great comfort.

The money God can only incentivise for a limited period of time. After that it comes down to being motivated to achieve. To leave a legacy. To attain major championship wins. How many major championships have I one? That will be the motivation for a top PGA golfer.

It really comes down to achievement at the end of the day. Monetary matters no longer become the priority. They become a secondary factor.

I'm convinced that in the long term LIV golf will fizzle out because that kind of excessive money - and the LIV golf money is certainly excessive as I'm sure everyone would agree - will no longer motivate golfers. 

It's silly money. It is oil money chucked at golfers to numb their brains into chasing the money God. It just doesn't work at the end of the day.

People who have lots of money already - and as mentioned top PGA golfers have lots of money already -  can no longer be motivated by more money.

I have repeated myself badly. Sorry but I had to extend the page a little for SEO reasons. 😒

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