Wednesday 13 March 2024

Very friendly cat rescued from car in junkyard before she was crushed

Cat owners should check under their car's hood if it's about to be crushed! Well this is a story which illustrates the famous nine lives of the domestic cat. This cat probably used up all nine in one go. I wonder if it is a unique occurrence. It might have happened before.

Lilly is a vaccinated, microchipped and spayed, loving female domestic cat who almost lost her life in the most horrendous way: in a car crusher in Asheville, North Carolina.

Very friendly cat rescued from car in junkyard before she was crushed
Images believed to be in the public domain and believed taken by the rescue center.

Lilly's owner was searching for her when he allowed his car to be taken to a junkyard for crushing. Just before his car was crushed, a worker decided to remove the battery under the hood and Lilly hopped out into his arms.

For there she was taken to a local rescue center: Brother Wolf Animal Rescue and from there reunited with her caregiver. 

The owner was notified by the rescue center after the junkyard notified the rescue center that the car's owner was searching for his cat.

The story is told on the Storyful website.


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