Tuesday 19 March 2024

Katie Price's bankruptcy may shatter her pet menagerie

As of now according to a search of the internet, Katie Price is the proud owner of seven dogs. Despite facing criticism due to a history of tragic pet deaths in her care, she recently added a new member to her furry family: a Labrador puppy1. Here’s a glimpse of her current canine companions:
  • Captain
  • Buddy
  • Colin
  • Batman
  • Precious (French Bulldog)
  • Tank (German Shepherd)
  • The newest addition: a black Labrador puppy.
In addition to her dogs, Katie also cares for horses named Wallis and Emma, as well as some guinea pigs at her stable block in her home, playfully dubbed the "Mucky Mansion"3. 🐢🐾

And Yes, Katie Price does own a cat! Despite facing criticism and controversy over her pet ownership history, she recently welcomed a new addition to her family: a hairless Sphynx cat. This unique feline companion cost her £1,20012. It seems Katie’s love for animals knows no bounds, even amidst financial challenges and public scrutiny. 🐱❤️.

It isn't the pat menagerie which will come crashing down but her whole, scary and scatty life. It is so much on the edge. It can't last. It has got to crash.

Katie Price's bankruptcy may shatter her pet menagerie
Katie Price looking ridiculous again on Instagram.


The news tells us that Katie Price has been made bankrupt for a second time. On this occasion, she owes £761,994.05p to HM RC i.e. the Inland Revenue or the tax collector. The Daily Mail says that "The huge amount is made up of unpaid tax from self-assessment on her earnings from 2020 – 2022 as well as penalties and surcharges."

And apparently she owes this money because of a failure to pay tax on the folding of her company Jordan Trading Ltd. She's been chased by creditors for a £3.2 million payment over the failure of that company.

And as mentioned she lives in a mansion-like building which is described as being mucky i.e. badly kept.

And also, Katie Price has a history of losing pets on the road outside of our home and her most recent acquisition was a hairless cat. This despite the fact that she has a bad record in looking after pets.

To have so many pets indicates a love of animals which is great but the big question is is she in a position both financially and practically to successfully look after a menagerie of pet animals as she does?

The big problem now is how is she going to pay this approximate £750,000 debt to creditors including the Inland Revenue?

HMRC has threatened to seize her home and sell it in order to pay off this debt. This is the point. This is a big home with some grounds around it allowing her to keep these pets including horses.

If the house is sold to pay off debts and she is left with quite a small amount of money (if any money at all from the proceeds of sale), she may struggle to find a property suitable for herself and her pets. It may lead to the breakup of her pet menagerie as I have described it.

Katie Price has an alleged £3.25m debt including a mortgage on her approx. £2.5m (?) house. I'd bet that if her home was sold there'd be nothing left in terms of equity release.

And if other people agree with me, there is a concern, here, for the welfare of these companion animals, I would argue.


P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

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