Saturday 16 March 2024

Lodger shoots home owner 10 times arguing over 6 cats

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA, USA - NEWS AND OPINION: I'll keep this concise and short. A woman allowed a man who had been evicted from his previous residence to become a lodger at her bungalow with his three cats. A kindly act which turned very nasty.

Lodger shoots home owner 10 times over argument concerning 6 cats!
The home where it happened. Image: Google Maps.

The man, 59-year-old Glenn White, started to acquire cats more cats. We are not told how but they were probably rescue cats. He brought three more cats into the home.

The woman found this to be too much and asked that the cats live outside.
“The victim and White have been arguing for the past couple of days about the cats and how the victim would like the cats to live outside the house instead of inside the house. On (March 8), the victim got tired of having all the cats inside the residence and told White she was going to place them outside in the lanai.” - Police report
A 'lanai' is a Hawaiian term for a porch.

Mr White became upset and arrived with a gun - Smith & Wesson SD40 - while she was searching for the cats to put them outside.

S&W SD40

He allegedly shot her 10 times in places that did not kill her such as "on her lower extremities, two on her right rib, and one on her left middle finger", according to the police.

White allegedly pointed the gun at her head and said that he was going to kill her. She begged to let her call the police. In the end he called the police!

He is now in jail waiting for his trail. She must be very well bandaged with four fingers on her left hand.

He was charged with aggravated battery and aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon. In Britain it would have been 'grievous bodily harm'.

Moral: Investigate why a ledger was evicted from their previous residence and ask the person who did the evicting. Ask the landlord not the tenant. Get references etc. And specify in a formal agreement that no cats are allowed or one cat is allowed. It seems that this was a poor informal, verbal agreement. These are distinctly dodgy. As dodgy as Mr. White.


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