Wednesday 10 April 2024

Sadistic cat torturer imprisoned for 2.5 years. NOT LONG ENOUGH.

NEWS AND COMMENT:  Kacper B, a Polish man living in Poland, was described in court as a sadistic cat torturer. He was entirely aware of what he was doing. He tortured his girlfriend's cat to the point of death. He uploaded videos and pictures of his torture to the Internet. 

It appears that he felt immune to prosecution but Internet sleuths were able to track him down and eventually he was prosecuted in the criminal courts for animal cruelty.

A court in Poland sparked outrage after sentencing Kacper B. (pictured) to less than the maximum five years after he was found guilty of 'extreme cruelty' towards animals

The case is reminiscent of the Don't F*** With Cats case in North America where Luka Magnotta is now incarcerated in a Canadian jail for life for murder.

The similarity is in respect of Internet sleuths tracking down the perpetrator. I don't want to go into great detail of what he did to his girlfriend's cat. It was horrendous abuse including punching the cat to the point of unconsciousness while being hung up by the hind legs.

And to upload videos and images to the Internet is a sign of madness frankly. The man must be a sociopath or psychopath or a combination of both.

We must not forget his girlfriend, the cat's owner, who apparently allowed the abuse to happen and she, too, was tried in the criminal courts and has received, on conviction, a 10 month jail sentence suspended for three years "for failing to stop the abuse".

The cat in question is still very ill apparently and suffers from what appears to be permanent damage to their health. The cat has been placed in the care of a temporary home i.e. a foster home.

The prosecutor in court was outraged at the short sentence. She demanded a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment and questioned the judge as to what needs to be done by a criminal to receive the five year penalty.

The prosecuting lawyer appears to be more concerned about her appearance that she is about anything else but that is another matter.

The criminal in question, was also found guilty of possessing child pornography. When he first appeared in court his disdain for the proceedings was clearly evident when he wore a headband with a pair of toy cat ears and told the court that he was "in a hurry because he had to feed his new girlfriend's cats."

The trial took place in the seaside town of seaside town of Gdynia in Poland .

Comment: there are numerous instances of mentally disturbed men (yes, it is always men) wishing to show off their animal cruelty tendencies by posting images, normally videos, on social media. It is extraordinary that they feel the need to upload evidence which will ultimately lead to their prosecution and conviction in a criminal court. 

Perhaps they feel totally immune to being arrested and tried for animal abuse crimes. It's indicative of their mental state that they feel they can get away with it in such a callous and misguided way.

Or, perhaps they do get away with it sometimes and it only takes a concerted effort by animal advocates and concerned people to track down the man as happened in this instance.

Separately, there is an ongoing highly concerning matter of a gang of Chinese cat abuses and torturers operating in China killing and torturing cats. They are well known. They are uploading images to the Internet on Chinese social media websites and getting away with it. The world is trying to stop them. But despite difficult to track down these miscreants, deviant mad people. Click the link below for more on this.


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