Wednesday 10 April 2024

Czar Putin's destiny is the restoration of the USSR

I am doing my best to understand Vladimir Putin and what motivates him. Clearly he doesn't care much about his soldiers dying in such large numbers or the killing of countless tens of thousands of innocent Ukrainians and their companion animals by the way. Tens of thousands of domestic cats and dogs have been killed because of Putin's invasion. What motivates him? That's the question I want to try and answer today.

Christianity and traditions are vital to Putin. He wants to restore Russia's old way of life to the USSR.

I am not an expert on Russia or President Putin (far from it) but I have been reading the newspapers about him. For me, he clearly has sociopathic or psychopathic tendencies but he seems to be able to put in a box all the killing as subservient to the ultimate goal which it seems to me now is the restoration of the old USSR. 

He wants the satellite states to come back into the fold and be part of the great Soviet Union again as it was in 19222. And also when Czar Nicholas III was on the throne in the days of the Russian Empire.

It seems to me that Putin sees himself as a modern-day Russian czar. He wants to go back in time to that moment when the Russian czar had ultimate power over the country and the awesome empire which was dismantled by Gorbachev under perestroyka.

And I think he sees it as his destiny to restore the USSR. I take this from the fact that is very religious and very connected to orthodox Christianity and has a very good relationship with the Moscow patriarch Kirill of Moscow. Kirill or Cyril is a Russian Orthodox bishop. He became Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia and Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church on 1 February 2009.

I've seen them together on television. Patriarch Kirill of Moscow supports the Ukraine invasion. He supports the killing of all these people. And he supports the death of the Russian soldiers, regarding them as martyrs and he absolves them of all their sins and in effect anoints them as if they are Christian crusaders going to a holy war.

And there we have the alignment between patriarch Kirill and President Putin. They are both on a holy crusade to restore the mighty USSR. He sees himself as the modern Czar of Russia. Not the president.

Putin is imbued with the concept of Orthodox Christianity. He recently used the story of Jesus going to Galilee in the parable about the fishermen. He was talking to a meeting of Russian officials. He said that he wanted to defend "our traditional values, our culture, our traditions and our history. This is very important for the future of the country."

You can see that he is very keen on Russian traditions and the Russian way of life and I believe this extends to before the revolution and the old Russian way of life under Czar Nicholas and the rulers before him. He sees that as the way things should be.

And his belief in Orthodox Christianity probably makes him believe that the West is decadent. Sloppy and ill disciplined lacking in traditions and a formal way of life. I think that's why he calls them Nazis. Anybody who is not falling into place behind the strictures of orthodox religion become Nazis. People with bad thoughts and a bad way of life.

He calls Ukrainians who want to be independent and free 'Nazis' because they work against the old ideas of the USSR. He believes Ukraine is Russian and anybody who fights against that is a Nazi. A bad thinker. A miscreant. A criminal. Somebody who wants to undermine the Russian state.

Putin has ordered the establishment of youth centres across Russia in a move which is reminiscent of the Soviet-era camps where children were indoctrinated in Communist Party values. From the age of six, primary schoolchildren in the Soviet Union could join the Little Octobrists, before advancing to the Young Pioneers when aged nine. They progressed to the Komsomol at the age of 14.

Putin is very interested in indoctrinating the masses which I suspect is the way the masses behaved before the ending of the USSR. The true Soviet way of life in which the citizens were robotically dedicated to their great leader, somewhat like but not as extreme as happens in North Korea.

Putin has betrayed himself as a defender of Orthodox Christianity and a warrior against the satanic West. Part of that mentality goes to extending Russia to the old USSR boundaries both to protect Russia for the indefinite future and to maintain that traditional way of life in which he so resolutely believes.

That's why he will move on to Kazakhstan and invade that country when he has succeeded in bringing Ukraine to heel.

Has Puckie even noticed? The huge death and injury toll on Russian soldiers.


P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

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