Sunday 21 April 2024

Many British Muslim school children hate Britain!

Today, in The Sunday Times, there is an astonishing article written by a head teacher of a British school in England. Essentially, the article states that many Muslim British schoolchildren hate Britain; the country in which they now live; in which they have been raised. That is the strong inference.
I asked a class of 13-year-olds to raise their hands if they hated Britain. Thirty hands shot up with immediate, absolute certainty. - Head teacher of a British school where the majority of the students are Muslims
The head teacher concerned wished to remain anonymous. The reason? There is a lot of tension at British schools along the dividing line of British values versus Muslim values and some teachers lives have been badly affected as a result.

Why do many Muslim school kids in British schools hate Britain? There are obviously many or several factors and the list below provides some of them.

They have seen countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq bombed and shelled by Western forces. They might have relatives in those countries.

They are taught history which contains a lot of information about British colonisation in India and other Western countries' colonisation of other parts of the world such as the Spanish colonisation of the Americas and the Portuguese colonisation of Africa.

They see the Western countries as colonising, country grabbing, land grabbing and abusing imperialist countries exploiting poor countries many years ago. And this is taught to them indirectly through the history curriculum. The past colonisation by Great Britain of countries including India is now regarded as a bad thing despite the fact that India has probably benefited to this day in various ways including the English language being widely spoken in India. This is useful as English is the world's universal language.

And even a minority according to this head teacher support the Taliban. And many schoolchildren from Afghanistan or other Muslim countries believe that women have less rights. Girls have less rights. It's a misogynistic society. Perhaps they been taught this at home.

But quite a few of them agree with the Afghan attitude of stopping girls from going to school from the age of 11. They think it's fair. Well, at least one child stood up and said that.

Another reason might be because they see Britain as disparaging immigrants. They don't like Brexit or they don't like the way the illegal immigrants coming across the channel are being treated. They don't like the program to send illegal immigrants to Rwanda. 

They don't seem to think about the underlying problems. They are not aware of the underlying problems of illegal immigration and what it costs the country and the pressure it places on institutions like schooling. They do say it is unfair and develop a very negative view of Britain.

And I suspect that many Muslim kids are taught ideas at home and in their community which might be derogatory towards the UK. In Britain, Muslims tend to live in their own environment, their own communities and they don't integrate that much. This helps to foster anti-Western and anti-British ideas and values.

I suspect that the Hamas versus Israel war is by detrimental to Muslim kids' views of the West because America supports Israel and Israel is doing a lot of damage to Gaza in terms of infrastructure damage and killing tens of thousands of Palestinians.

There is a very strong anti-Western sentiment, it appears to me, among many British schoolkids. How does this affect family life concerning animal welfare?

Well, we don't really know but British values are intertwined with animal welfare. The British are known to be concerned about animal welfare and they have very advanced and sophisticated laws to protect animals. 

A rejection of the British way of life is a rejection, I would argue of British laws, British culture and a culture which is sensitive towards the needs of animals.

And it is a known fact that the Islamic faith operates speciesism concerning dogs. Dogs are unclean while cats are good. Speciesism, correct?! 😊😢. The British could chip away at that problem is Muslim kids allowed it.

I'm not saying that Muslim kids are anti-animal or abuse animals. Far from it. I'm just saying that a Muslim child in a British school with a very anti-British attitude is less likely to become imbued with the need to think about animal welfare.

P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

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