Sunday 21 April 2024

Auto repair shop in Tyler, Texas collects pet food donations for animal rescues

NEWS AND OPINION: This is a wonderful development. I hope that it trends and other commercial enterprises get involved. It's a wonderful act of altruism by Stewart's Donnybrook Automotive. And it is thanks, as I understand it, to the managing partner Gary Stewart who saw a problem with local animal rescues that needed help.

Thought: the scheme is a great way to promote the repair shop's business too ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜Š. It is a win-win.

Auto repair shop in Tyler, Texas collects pet food donations for animal rescues
Pet food piling up at  Stewart's Donnybrook Automotive. Image: KETK Tyler

Some of them are saying that there is an epidemic of unwanted cats in the area. I've heard this sort of thing before with animal rescue after the pandemic.

And so Gary Stewart decided to step in. He turned to the community for help in the form of cat food donations. Local residents are delivering cat food to his automotive repair shop and he takes them to one animal rescue in Henderson and another in Kilgore.

Auto repair shop in Tyler, Texas collects pet food donations for animal rescues
Stewart's Donnybrook Automotive. Image: Google search.

Of course, the animal rescues are delighted because with gifts of cat food it frees up their funding to pay for medical requirements.

Stuart said: "It just exploded, you know, and we have people bringing food, amazon shows up with food and people I don’t even know show up with food that just love animals, like we do."

Heather Payer-Smith the owner of Cat's Meow Rescue said: It’s really helpful, not just in the supplies, but it helps us be able to put our money towards the vet bills and other needs as well."

Stewart said that he will take donations for as long as he can and he wants to expand his assistance to help other animal rescues in the area.

Comment: it made me think if this idea could be expanded to other areas. There is no reason why commercial enterprises in any area can't act as agents (donation drop-off points) to help animal rescue organisations in the same area by receiving donations of cat and dog food. Just a thought. I think the idea is so good that it should be expanded.

Of course, it depends on the circumstances and the facilities available within the organisation as to whether they can take in donations but if it is possible I would love to see it expanded.


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