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Almost 50% of cats and dogs have their own dedicated room

Almost 50% of cats and dogs have their own dedicated room
Cat caregiver enjoying the company of their cat. Image believed to be in the public domain.

A survey commissioned by Homesense, part of the TK Maxx family in the UK, found the following facts about cat and dog ownership which may interest people:
  • 48% of cat and dog owners allocate a certain space in their home, a dedicated room often or a space in the garden for their pets.
  • Just over half, 55%, wanted their cats and dogs to have their own area where they can chill out.
  • 34% of the respondents of which there were 2000, wanted to ensure maximum comfort for their companion animal.
  • 30% wanted all their possessions kept in one place. By this I mean cat and dog products of various sorts.
  • 80% of the respondents dedicated a certain space in their home so that their companion animal's things and toys et cetera don't take up space in the rest of the home.
  • 46% of respondents designed a home around their cat or dog.
  • 21% admitted they were unlikely to buy items just to please their companion animal if those items didn't match with the interior of their home.
The study was in partnership with Kelly Brook to launch a pet an interiors content series “Barkitectural Digest”.

Kelly Brook said that certain parts of our home are designed around her dog, Teddy. Through the study she found that she was not the only one. She is pleased to help others.

The top changes made to dog and cat caregivers' homes included moving delicate things higher up (29% of the respondents) and adding a cat flap (in 21% of the respondents) and installing a garden fence (20%). Also:
  • 16% of the respondents replaced carpets with hard floors.
  • 11% bought scratch-proof furniture.
  • 9% chose dark furnishings to disguise cat and dog fur.
  • 17% installed baby gates to stop wondering cats and dogs.
  • 19% used blankets to cover up damage to furniture and household items.
  • 75% of respondents struggled to find pet products that were of good enough quality and reasonably priced.
The research was carried out by OnePoll.
  • They also found that 41% of the respondents had discovered that owning a companion animal is more expensive than expected. The cost of food and insurers being the expenses that surprised them the most.
  • 15% claimed that they spent more on their cat or dog than they do on their children. The same percentage said that they spent more on their cat and dog than their car or holidays.
  • The average cat and dog owner spent £708 annually.
  • 59% said that they compromised on buying pet products because of the expense.
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