Saturday 13 April 2024

A super case of interspecies farmyard friendships (video)

Interspecies relationships are wonderful. It shows how the world can live in harmony even when the species are a predator and a prey animal as is the case in this video. The classic interspecies relationship is the human and dog or cat. We tend to forget that it is an interspecies relationship which has changed the world. There is an argument that cat domestication has been a failure overall as there are too many feral and stray cats. They should all be in nice homes. Cat domestication should not have turned out as it has.
This is a very cute video of interspecies friendships. It is so good you wonder if it has been set up. It almost certainly has I think. It is just too good and strange.

If you like interspecies relationships you might like to click on this LINK to see a bunch of articles on the topic. There are some extraordinary friendships.

All of them originate in early years development - that precious first several weeks of life - when an animal can be socialised to almost any other animal and totally override their natural instincts. It is all about socialisation and learning that the other animal is not dangerous. That's how cat domestication and dog domestication works.


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