Friday 19 April 2024

Video of cat rescued from Dubai flood after clinging to door handle of submerged car

The cat was clinging on the door handle perhaps for a long time before rescue. Amazing. It is cute that the cat complained when the rescuer got him/her. Fear I guess. To be expected. For all we know the cat might have been feral. In which case his reaction to being grabbed was polite.

Grateful cat saved from Dubai flood while clinging to a car door handle
Cat clings to submerged car after the Dubai rains. The cat was rescued.

Here is the video from which the screenshot above was taken.

The Dubai floods of 2024 are a concerning event, but attributing them solely to global warming would require a more in-depth analysis. While we don’t have real-time data on this specific event, it is possible to provide some thoughts:

Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events: Global warming, caused by increased greenhouse gas emissions, contributes to changes in weather patterns and intensifies extreme events. Rising sea levels and changing precipitation patterns can lead to more frequent and severe floods in coastal areas. The weather was so extreme it is hard to disagree that climate change was the cause of partial cause.

Cloud Seeding: In that part of the world they do cloud seeding which artificially brings on rain but the cataclysmic rains were so severe and exceptional that the experts believe that cloud seeding could not be the cause.

Urban Development and Drainage Systems: Dubai’s rapid urbanization and extensive infrastructure development play a role. Urban areas with impermeable surfaces (roads, buildings) can exacerbate flooding by preventing natural water absorption.

Localized Factors

The specific causes of the 2024 floods in Dubai would require detailed analysis. Factors like heavy rainfall, inadequate drainage systems, and land use changes play a role.

Mitigation and Adaptation

Regardless of the cause, addressing flood risks involves better urban planning, improved drainage, and climate resilience measures. Adaptation strategies are crucial to minimize the impact of extreme weather events. Remember that while individual events cannot be directly attributed to global warming, the overall trend of more frequent and severe extreme weather events aligns with climate change predictions. It’s essential to continue monitoring and addressing these challenges globally. 🌍🌊

The above comes from an internet search. Personally I believe that these extreme rains were indeed caused by global warming.

This rescue makes me think of all the other animals, domestic and feral, cat and dog and others, who've not made it through this extreme event. We have no news about this aspect of the flooding. We know that 21 people have died in the floods.


P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

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