Thursday 4 April 2024

Cat taste testers needed for lab-grown chicken cat food (£60,000 earnings!)

Cat owners can earn up to, apparently, £60,000 if they allow their cat to taste test a new cat food that is being developed based upon lab-growing chicken. It's been named ‘Omni Feast, Chicken Revolution’ and is being hailed as the ethical feed solution of the future. 

Update: only 7 people have viewed this page in several days!! How? Why? There is money to be made. Decent money and free cat food. What is happening? I am shocked at the lack of interest.

Cat taste testers needed for lab-growing chicken cat food (£60,000 earnings!)
Fictional image!

The interesting part of this is that the business is prepared to pay cat owners to arrange for their cat to taste test this new food. I would expect many cat owners to jump into this because they provide free food so in addition to the money you get free food! 

You have to work for it because successful applicants will be asked to record their experience by monitoring what goes on in terms of their cat's energy levels, behaviour, defecation, urination et cetera and to measure their weight and skin and fur condition.

The company, Omni, will cover all food expenses during the duration of the testing. Candidates must be willing ideally to provide pictures and videos together with their feedback.

The new cruelty free food is being developed by Dr. Guy who during his work as a veterinarian encountered medical conditions such as obesity and arthritis which he thinks and hopes can be tackled through his new foods.

In his opinion, cultivated meat in the laboratory is a game changer and it can be optimised to include all the nutrients required. He added that:
"Lab-grown meat is still giving you all the good stuff but without any antibiotic residues and other chemicals that have historically been found in mass-produced meat products. It’s the pet industry equivalent moment of being the first one to use the internet. And it’s more ethical because you don’t have to slaughter millions of animals which most people would agree is only a good thing.”
And of course it benefits the environment and at a stroke removes the animal cruelty aspect of producing cat food.

The product uses fast-growing chicken protein which is placed into a vat that controls the temperature and pH balance.

Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are then added to help the cells grow before being harvested and cut into meaty chunks which form the cat food.

To apply please visit  and fill in your details.


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