Saturday 6 April 2024

SPCA Singapore investigate maid who swung cat around in a viral video

NEWS AND COMMENT: I am not sure that many authorities in many countries would actually investigate this incident of alleged cat abuse. It is cat abuse but it is not a serious example. But in Singapore, the SPCA went around to the person's home and interviewed them to find out what went on.

And what went on is this: a woman dancing outside while holding a black-and-white cat in both hands and swinging the cat around to the music. Not good but I've seen far worse as you can imagine.

SPCA Singapore investigate maid who swung cat around in a viral video
Image: Stomp. Screenshots from the video.

The woman is a maid apparently. Animal lovers criticised her and requested that the relevant authorities intervene. They wanted her to be investigated which I think is a little bit severe but understandable I guess.

The video of the incident was uploaded Facebook and it garnered 2200 shares.

The executive director of the Singapore SPCA, Ms Aarthi Sankar told Stomp (I'm not sure what this is but it is some kind of group or website which uses social media) that they had been alerted to the incident. It appears that the video had been uploaded to a website called stomp which has a Facebook page.

We are told that during the SPCA visit, the woman in question was remorseful and that she didn't realise that her actions might harm the cat.

The same woman had apparently uploaded another video with the same cat but this time she was petting the her gently. My impression is that she is a reasonable woman who was doing something which she considered to be okay and is probably surprised if not shocked at the backlash.

The SPCA advised the woman about the importance of interacting appropriately with animals and the potential harm that her behaviour might have caused.

It is further reported that the matter will be "escalated to the authorities for further action". I am also surprised to hear about that.

It seems that Singapore has some pretty strict animal welfare regulations or laws or/and their attitude is very proper in terms of cat caregiving and interactions with domestic cats. This is a great thing. It appears Singapore is a very well organised country in many respects.

My research indicates that Singapore has very strict laws to maintain order in the country. Many people consider the city's laws to be some of the strictest in the world with regard to certain specific aspects such as illegal drugs.

Singapore is an island country and a city state in the maritime Southeast Asia. It has an area of 734.3 km² and a gross domestic product of US$466 billion. This population is 5.67 million as at 2022.


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