Thursday 8 February 2024

Woman with death fixation accused of torturing and killing a cat having watched a well-known Netflix docuseries

NEWS AND OPINION: You may have heard of the Netflix docuseries called "Don't F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer". I haven't seen it but it documents the investigation by a crowd-funded group of amateur sleuths of Luka Magnotta's animal cruelty crimes. 

Luka Magnotta is notorious for suffocating two kittens in a plastic bag while videoing the acts and then uploading the video to the Internet. I have that video and you can watch the first part of it on my website but not the whole of it because it is too cruel for any company to host.

Anyway, back to the story. It appears (alleged) that this woman, 25 year old Scarlet Blake in the UK, was inspired or encouraged by this Netflix series to follow suit, to kill a cat in a sadistic way and then dissect the cat and then put the cat in a blender apparently. The whole thing is absolutely disgusting and horrific. The woman looks perfectly normal and you can see in the photograph that she had a slight smirk on her face when under arrest as if this is okay and no problem.

Scarlet Blake. Picture: Vagner Hyde News and Pictures Ltd. Problem with publishing the picture here? Please contact me. Thanks.

But this Netflix series allegedly catalysed something inside of and she allegedly had to start doing what Luka Magnotta did which was firstly to allegedly kill a cat and then a man, a complete stranger to her, whose name is Jorge Martin Carreno, 30, whose body was found in a river.

Initially the police thought that he had an accident resulting in his death but they then discovered about two years later that he had been hit on the head and died of blunt force trauma followed by drowning as I understand it.

The story is interesting for me because I know a lot about Luka Magnotta as I have written about him many times. And Luka Magnotta fascinates a lot of people. He is now in prison in Canada on a life sentence but he has professed to quite like it on occasions and he's got a boyfriend there. He was a porno star and he is gay.

He is famous for the wrong reasons. Scarlet Blake became fixated on violence. I don't know whether that had set in before watching the Netflix docuseries or afterwards. It appears that the Netflix series hardened her evil thoughts if the stories are true. I stress that these are allegations at the moment because one is innocent until proved guilty.

But the news media is all over this story which is why I am reporting it. The prosecution barrister in the trial which is coming taking place, Allison Morgan KC, said that Blake had a "fixation with violence and with knowing what it would be like to kill someone". She added that: "He died because he encountered the defendant on that night. He died because he met a person who had a fixation with violence and with knowing what it would be like to kill someone."

She had an extreme interest in killing and death that went beyond fantasy. It is alleged that she derived social gratification from the thought of violence and death.

Her actions indicate planning as she purchased equipment to trap the cat. Her actions too are the classic case of a person of this character first testing or trying out their desire to kill on a vulnerable domestic cat first and then moving onto a human. This is exactly what happened, as mentioned, with Luka Magnotta and it happens with many other criminals.

The FBI in America understand this and treat animal cruelty seriously. That's what they say anyway.

Blake apparently boasted about the killing with others and "her desire to open up a person like her little cat friend" the court was told. And the court was also told that "It is clear that in her own mind she made a connection between what it felt like to harm this cat and what it would feel like to harm a person.

Blake denies murder. The trial continues.


P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

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