Thursday 22 February 2024

Armed robber stole two cats worth 10,000 Malaysian ringgit and slashed the owner

NEWS AND COMMENT: I think that this is the first story that I have read concerning an armed robbery in which two cats were stolen. And it was a very serious armed robbery because the robber slashed the cats' owner to the extent that he required 36 stitches for wounds to his right arm and right leg.

Armed robber stole two cats worth 10,000 Malaysian ringgit and slashed the owner

The cats' owner is Ryan Cheah. He had met the robber before as his home when he purchased a cat from him. A few days later the man contacted Cheah asking to purchase two more cats and to meet him at a parking lot at a shopping mall on February 18.

Cheah didn't want to do that and they met at a bus stop instead had 7:30 PM with his girlfriend.

When the buyer arrived his car was smashed up as if he had just been an accident. Cheah went to speak to the buyer when he brandished a knife demanding that he hand over money.

The robber also ordered a colleague to get the cats from Mr Cheah's girlfriend who was unaware what was going on and therefore she handed over the cats.

While the cats were being handed over Cheah tried to escape the vehicle and at that point the robber brandished a machete and tried to slash him. He defended himself but incurred the serious injuries mentioned.

The robbery has traumatised him and the police have confirmed that after an investigation they have made arrests and are to make a statement in due course.

Cheah was concerned that the robber and his colleagues might come round to his house because they know where he lives and harm him. But it appears that the robber is now in custody.

We don't know what sort of cats they were. They must be purebred cats but we don't know the breed. 10,000 Malaysian ringgit is around US$2000.

Source: The Star Online.

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