Sunday 18 February 2024

The Owl and the Pussycat tie worn by King Charles III

Here we have King Charles wearing a tie with a cat on it. Nice. It is a tie in honour of 'The Owl and the Pussycat', a children’s poem by Edward Lear. He wore the tie at The Felix Project in February last year. The Felix Project is a United Kingdom charitable organization that saves surplus food from suppliers and redistributes it to charities. It has the dual aim to help reduce food surplus.

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It is not known if the poem is a favourite of the King and Queen. But we do know that he is a dapper dresser wearing very expensive, classic clothes that might look a bit old fashioned to some but most regard him as extremely well dressed. He must take enormous care in selecting the clothes he wears.

His clothes are classic and he likes his ties to be a bit more adventurous. His ties are also a way of making a statement. The Owl and the Pussycat tie was very suitable for the occasion. Perhaps he wears these ties to open up a conversation with the people he meets at these events.  

Final point for me: King Charles III is a landlord and he forbids tenants of his properties keeping cats. This indicates that he is insensitive to cats and owners of cats looking for a home. I don't think he particularly likes cats. He probably prefers dogs and he has shot birds and attended fox hunts. He is not an animal advocate. He wore this tie for business reasons. Not as a statement that he likes cats.

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