Thursday 22 February 2024

Take yourself and your cat to Scotland if and when World War 3 starts!

It appears to me that we are building up to it? What? World War 3. And there might be some nuclear bombs going off as well although that would seem to be unlikely despite the incessant threats from Putin and his cronies. For instance, Medvedev recently said that if Russia lost any of the ground gained in the east of Ukraine over the past two years of war, Russia would react by using nuclear weapons. The ultimate threat but a typical Kremlin threat.

That's probably just an idle threat but he has threatened the use of nuclear bombs several times before. And recently, the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has warned the West that it was stoking the flames of the beginning of World War 3. He claims that we are on the "edge of the abyss". He blames NATO as does Putin. No reference to the Ukraine war that was started by Putin. The man  is paranoid about the West hating Russia. If only he could be more reasonable and normal.

As you know Lukashenko is a key ally of Vladimir Putin. He believes that there are legitimate concerns that a new global conflict could erupt and he blames the West for this. He says that the West is pushing the world towards this catastrophe.

He claims that it is complete stupidity to think that Russia is preparing to attack the Baltic countries.

Belarus has just received two anti-aircraft missile divisions and two divisions of missile systems from Russia as they are a close ally to Russia. The news media says that Lukashenko is preparing for World War 3.

Take yourself and your cat to Scotland if and when World War 3 starts!
Highlands of Scotland. Image: MikeB (Canva)

Remote places

Right, that's the dire introduction so what to do? Well, the super-rich have already built their super houses and super bunkers in remote, far-off places like New Zealand. They'll just fly off to a remote spot in New Zealand and live a more or less normal life while Europe burns.

For the rest of us, living in Europe, it seems to me that the best answer is to pack your bags, put your darling cat into a nice cat carrier (a particularly big one to put in the back of your car) and drive up to Scotland. 

You can start off with the mainland and then if you want to you can branch off to one of the many islands on the west coast of Scotland. They are all remote and have a very low human population.

The density of the population of Scotland is 235,540 people (Scottish Highlands). There are other countries with very low population densities such as San Marino, Vatican City, Andorra, Malta, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Estonia, and Kosovo for instance. Iceland also has a low population density but most of it is pretty well uninhabitable.

The countries that I've specified are all very centrally placed in Europe and therefore that would make them unsuitable for a place to go to if there is a conflagration in Europe. You want to go somewhere remote, out of the way, where you are also able to minimise nuclear fallout and radiation poisoning.

That's why I'm selecting Scotland, particular the highlands or the Western Islands. You've got to take with you some sort of home either in the form of a tent or ideally a caravan. Perhaps a mobile home would be ideal.

Lastly, and this is the important point, your cat will love it because you will be walking out of your mobile home to a vast, open, green and wet landscape. It'll be beautiful and your cat can roam freely and safely because there are no roads. 

There is no one there to poison your cat. Or steal your cat. Until the rest of Europe catches up with you and arrive on the borders of Scotland to do exactly what you're doing.

P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

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