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Thursday 7 March 2024

LGBTQ Nation accuses Dakota Johnson of spreading transgender myths about students identifying as cats

The LGBTQ Nation website has accused Dakota Johnson of spreading and disseminating "the absurd and transphobic myth that schools are allowing students to identify as and behave like cats".

LGBTQ Nation accuses Dakota Johnson of spreading transgender myths about students identifying as cats
Dakota Johnson talking about kids identifying as cats. Image: LGBTQ Nation.

You might remember that time (I do) when in 2022 there was a big story about teachers allowing schoolkids to identify as cats and even providing them with litter trays. The kids describe themselves as furries. It was part of a movement of children identifying as animals and something similar occurred in Australia as I remember.

The same 'problem occurred in Wales at about the same time. See the image below:

The whole thing was massively hyped up by news media. It was hard to tell whether it was true or false and clearly LGBTQ Nation believe that it was all a terrible transgender myth.

Dakota Johnson is the daughter of actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. She is quite a high profile actress who I recall starred in the film 50 Shades of Gray.

To be clear, transphobia consist of negative values feelings or actions towards transgender people. And Dakota Johnson is being accused by LGBTQ Nation of being negative towards transgender people.

But I don't get that because a person identifying as an animal isn't a transgender person is it? I am as confused as the next person. If you understand what's going on then please leave a comment! 😊

Apparently she made the comments in an interview with Bustle in a "discourse around this rising polyamory".

What's polyamory? Is the practice of having multiple intimate relationships whether sexual or just romantic with the full knowledge and consent of all parties involved. Okay that is the definition.

Dakota Johnson was talking about allowing people to do what they want to do if they weren't hurting anybody. That makes good sense. She then moved on to students behaving like cats and appeared to be supportive of those students.

She mentioned her stepson who had a friend who was saying that at their school some kids were identifying as cats. And she thought that was okay. I would too I think. I can't see a problem unless it disturbs school life and interferes with education which it might.

Also, sometimes schoolchildren don't know really what they want and therefore teachers and leaders should not necessarily reinforce strange behaviour by students and young people if that strange behaviour is based upon misplaced ideas and ideals.

But that's the news! It's non-news. But it contains a reference to cats!


P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

Thursday 29 February 2024

Picture of Judge Victoria McCloud with her grey Maine Coon cat

I have made a presumption here that judge Victoria McCloud has been pictured with a Maine Coon cat because the cat does look very much like a Maine Coon cat with that square muzzle and those lynx-tipped ears. The coat is shaggy and medium-long and therefore the cat ticks the boxes in terms of appearance for being a Maine Coon cat.

Picture: Richard Pohle.

The reason why I have stolen this picture from the Internet - and I hope the photographer doesn't mind (the photographer is, I've discovered, Richard Pohle of The Times) - is because this lady is in the news. 

She is the only transgender judge in Britain and she has resigned because, in her words, 
"I have reached the conclusion that in 2024 the national situation and present judicial framework is no longer such that it is possible in a dignified way to be both 'trans' and a salaried, fairly prominent judge in the UK."
I can't add to that. Except to say that the transgender discussion is all over the news media these days. I've recently written about JK Rowling who states that the notorious cat and person killer, Scarlet Blake, should be referred to as a man in the reports about her regarding her trial and imprisonment for 24 years without parole.

JK Rowling is a gender-critical feminist and she feels that writing about Scarlet Blake as a woman denigrates to a certain extent women in general. She wants the news media to refer to her as a man because she's a man who transgendered to a woman. Click on the link below to read about this:


P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

Wednesday 28 February 2024

JK Rowling says that Scarlet Blake the cat-killing trans murderer isn't a woman

Transgender criminal defendants should not be referred to by their chosen gender. According to JK Rowling - a person who believes in biological sex rather than their self-certificated gender or trangener - a man who commits a crime as a transgender woman should be charged, prosecuted and sentenced as a man. I agree with her and support her outspoken and brave views.

J.K.Rowling wants news media to refer to Scarlet Blake the cat-killer and murder as a man
JK Rowling pic from her Twitter account. I hope she accepts me publishing it here. If not please tell me in a comment and I will act fast.

She says this because she has criticised the reports about the criminal charging, prosecution and sentencing of Scarlet Blake, a transgender person who was successfully prosecuted for cat killing and torture followed by the murder of a randomly selected man namely Jorge Carreno

JK Rowling believes that to report these crimes as if they were by a woman denigrates women. She says that it is unfair on women that a transgendered man has been charged and prosecuted as a woman. This goes to the heart of what JK Rowling believes namely that you can't alter your biological gender or sex.

It has been very troublesome for her, that belief. She's been very harshly criticised by the LGBT community (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community). This community demanded that JK Rowling's books be outlawed by the community to try and hurt her sales. JK Rowling pressed on unaffected by it.

She has her rights and the right to have her own opinions and the right to express them. And I like that attitude. Personally I think that transgendered people should be able to choose their sex in terms of legal documentation and general day-to-day affairs but I also believe as JK Rowling does that you can't change your fundamental gender at birth.

I am sorry that this believe might upset some people but that's what I believe. The reason why am talking about this is because there is a cat context in this story as you probably know as Scarlet Blake is described as a "cat-killing trans murderer". That is in The Times today. The full headline is "Rowling: cat-killing trans-murderer isn't a woman".

After it emerged that Blake was a transitioned from male to female person Rowling criticised Sky News for referring to her as a woman in its reporting. She shared her views in a clip in a video on Twitter/X in which the author wrote: "I'm sick of this s***. This is not a woman. These are #NotOurCrimes."

This tag is used by "gender-critical feminists". JK Rowling is a gender-critical feminists. These are people who believe what I've stated namely that your biological sex remains throughout your life and they say this in the interest of feminism.

In a separate post, Rowling added:
"Crime statistics are rendered useless if violent and sexual attacks committed by men are recorded as female crimes. Activists are already clamouring for this sadistic killer to be incarcerated in a woman's present. Ideologically driven misinformation is not journalism."
Scarlet Blake, according to my research, was being held in a male prison. That was presumably on remand and I will presume that she will remain in a male prison during her 24 year life sentence without parole. That, if true, should be welcomed by JK Rowling.

Transgender women with male genitalia aren't allowed to be held in mainstream women's prisons according to The Times. Nine in ten transgender women are housed in men's prisons according to the Ministry of Justice.

I'm told to that the journalist Louise Tickle, an award-winning reporter who has written for The Guardian for more than 20 years, said that she was boycotting The Guardian newspaper for not telling its readers that Blake was transgender.

My personal experience is that early on in this story, newspapers were not mentioning that Blake was transgender and I guess it was because they were trying to be politically correct. 

I find that very strange because it's important that the reports should mention that Blake is transgender. It was part of the story and in fact it was part of the trial because the jurors had to consider whether Blake was big enough and therefore physically able to kill the man she randomly selected, Carreno. Being a man she was.


P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

Tuesday 20 February 2024

Scarlet Blake alleged murderer and cat killer claims she killed and tortured to please partner

NEWS AND COMMENT/OPINION: This is the continuing story of Scarlet Blake. It is a muddled story and it is unfolding in court at the moment in the UK. You may have read that she has been accused or it appears that she copied the behaviour of Luka Magnotta about which a documentary was made and aired on Netflix called Don't F***with Cats. 

Scarlet Blake. Image in the public domain.

Luka Magnotta is notorious for suffocating two kittens in a plastic bag and then going on to kill a man and he uploaded the videos to the Internet. I have the video of the suffocation of the cats but I can't present all of it because that would be against current Internet rules. But if you want to see the beginning of it then please click this link.

Inspired by docuseries?

We are not sure if Blake was inspired by this docuseries but her behaviour indicates that it was. But there are complications. She claimed that she is transgender and she told her parents that she was transgender when she was 12 and her parents rejected her and her feelings. This appears to have had a severely detrimental effect on her mental health and development.

My interpretation of the story, is that she hates herself and wants to be destroyed. She is obsessed with blood and destruction. She claimed that she self harms. She is a very troubled woman/man.


As mentioned, she claims that she is transgender and has been taking testosterone blockers and has taken these drugs for a long time. We don't know whether she is a woman transgendering to be a man or vice versa. On the basis that she is taking testosterone blockers it indicates that she is a man transgendering to be a woman. If that is correct, this individual is a young man but the news media does not say this.

Did it to please partner?

And with respect to the cat that she tortured and allegedly put into a blender, she claimed that she did this to please her then lover or partner who apparently she met on a forum. Her partner's name is Ashlynn Bell who lives in Colorado, US. It is seems that her relationship with Bell was on the Internet through this forum but I don't know.

She claims that she dissected and put a neighbour's cat in a blender to please Bell. She feels guilty about it. She claims that she did not want to kill the cat but carried out this gruesome killing to put on a show for her partner/lover as it was her birthday or it was Valentine's Day.

She claims it was to make Bell happy because it was something that Bell wanted her to do. She pretended to enjoy it. The whole thing was choreographed she says.

She was asked in court whether she was concerned or aware of the cat's suffering and her response apparently, according to the report, that she felt "awful and guilty". She ended the cat's suffering by stabbing the animal in the heart.

She is also accused of killing a man who ultimately drowned apparently. It's not clear whether she hit him over the head and he subsequently fell into a river or a canal. But on social media there are claims that she strangled him but that would be impossible with the strength that she has or claims to have because she claimed that she has the strength of a unfit woman.

So it appears that she hit the man over the head and then pushed him into this canal or river. He drowned. She said that she was unable to refuse Bell's requests to harm others.

The court also heard that her name was previously Alice Wang. She claims that she suffers from dissociative identity disorder. She says that she has different parts of herself and feels like there are various people in her head. 

She lost her sex drive because of the drug she is taking and in response to a question about her sex life at court, she said the following: "Giving myself up to someone who would take pleasure in destroying me was something I was, I don't know, drawn to".

She involved herself in role-play with Bell in which she was strangled. This indicates that Bell was in the UK at the time? Confused.


This is an update, and as you can see it's a bit vague because the reporting is not that great in my opinion. But my conclusion about Blake is that she is a very emotionally disturbed woman or man I don't know which; obsessed with perhaps her own death and the killing and death of others. It seems that she wants to die and has very low self esteem. That is my personal assessment on what I read in reports and I'm a layperson not a psychiatrist.

Source of information: various but mainly Mail Online.
P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

Tuesday 8 August 2023

Woman who suffered a stroke rejected an NHS trans woman nurse who came to wash her

NEWS AND COMMENT-UK: On the radio this morning, there was an interesting story which I would like to report on this website. It is not about cats but I'm allowed to talk about something else when the cat news dries up!

In this story, Nick Ferrari on LBC was discussing the NHS and transgender people. A woman suffered a stroke and she was being cared for at her home. Nurses were coming around to wash her.

On one occasion a transgender woman (trans woman) turned up to wash her. A trans woman is a woman who was assigned male at birth and self-identifies as a woman and lives the life of a woman.

I mean no disrespect at all to the nurse by the way. I am totally open and supportive of transgender people. And I'm also very supportive of the way people self-identify with a wide spectrum of genders. This I think is totally normal but it is taking a while for the mainstream conservative population to accept it.

The woman who had suffered a stroke rejected the trans woman nurse. That's because she wanted a biological female as she saw it (assigned female at birth) to wash her because it's a very private procedure. And clearly, this woman who was in her 40s had difficulties in accepting the fact that a transgender female nurse who was originally a man was suited to the job.

She must have felt that the person was still a man and therefore she didn't want to expose her private parts to them.

The sting in the tale is this: the NHS thereafter barred her from treatment at home. Can you imagine that? The administrators at the NHS simply stopped providing a service to her because she exercised her right, it seems to me, to reject the nurse.

It seems to me also that the administrators appear to have decided that the woman is transphobic, meaning that she is intolerant of transgender people.

However, we don't know that. If they thought that they'd made a presumption which may well have been incorrect. In any case, is not a good enough reason to stop providing a service to the woman who has a right under British law as I understand it to receive NHS services.

It wouldn't surprise me if she had paid national insurance stamps when she was working. In short, she probably has paid for NHS services when she was working in paying national insurance as a tax. If that is the case then this is a breach of contract as well as I see it.

Toxic debate

It is a story which sheds light on this toxic debate about transphobia and about transgender people. It's a toxic debate about people who are described as "gender-critical". As I understand it, these are people who question whether there are more than two sexes i.e. male and female. Gender-critical people believe that there are just two sexes: male and female and if a person is transgender and transfers their gender from say male to female as this nurse did, they are still males.

This woman who suffered a stroke is probably a gender-critical person. People have a right to be gender-critical in a society where freedom of speech is protected under the British, unwritten constitution.

People on the opposite side of the fence describe these people as transphobic. They hate them. And they will often do whatever they can to upset them. This is been seen with JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series. She's been described by campaigners for transgender people as being transphobic when, to be honest, I don't think that she is. 

But if you stick your head above the parapet and say something which is a little bit dodgy in this debate you can be branded as trans-phobic and it can quite severely affect your life if you are a high-profile person because you can be heavily criticised on social media which can undermine your work.

Another similar case

I have just discovered that this is not an isolated incident because the news media online today tell me that another woman, Teresa Steel, developed an abscess after delays to an operation following a request for only biological women to provide her with intimate care. Her surgery had been cancelled because she had demanded same-sex care she claimed.

Definition of 'gender-critical': critical of or opposed to the belief that gender identity is more important or significant than biological sex (typically used in contexts relating to the rights of transgender people).

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