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Thursday 7 March 2024

LGBTQ Nation accuses Dakota Johnson of spreading transgender myths about students identifying as cats

The LGBTQ Nation website has accused Dakota Johnson of spreading and disseminating "the absurd and transphobic myth that schools are allowing students to identify as and behave like cats".

LGBTQ Nation accuses Dakota Johnson of spreading transgender myths about students identifying as cats
Dakota Johnson talking about kids identifying as cats. Image: LGBTQ Nation.

You might remember that time (I do) when in 2022 there was a big story about teachers allowing schoolkids to identify as cats and even providing them with litter trays. The kids describe themselves as furries. It was part of a movement of children identifying as animals and something similar occurred in Australia as I remember.

The same 'problem occurred in Wales at about the same time. See the image below:

The whole thing was massively hyped up by news media. It was hard to tell whether it was true or false and clearly LGBTQ Nation believe that it was all a terrible transgender myth.

Dakota Johnson is the daughter of actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. She is quite a high profile actress who I recall starred in the film 50 Shades of Gray.

To be clear, transphobia consist of negative values feelings or actions towards transgender people. And Dakota Johnson is being accused by LGBTQ Nation of being negative towards transgender people.

But I don't get that because a person identifying as an animal isn't a transgender person is it? I am as confused as the next person. If you understand what's going on then please leave a comment! 😊

Apparently she made the comments in an interview with Bustle in a "discourse around this rising polyamory".

What's polyamory? Is the practice of having multiple intimate relationships whether sexual or just romantic with the full knowledge and consent of all parties involved. Okay that is the definition.

Dakota Johnson was talking about allowing people to do what they want to do if they weren't hurting anybody. That makes good sense. She then moved on to students behaving like cats and appeared to be supportive of those students.

She mentioned her stepson who had a friend who was saying that at their school some kids were identifying as cats. And she thought that was okay. I would too I think. I can't see a problem unless it disturbs school life and interferes with education which it might.

Also, sometimes schoolchildren don't know really what they want and therefore teachers and leaders should not necessarily reinforce strange behaviour by students and young people if that strange behaviour is based upon misplaced ideas and ideals.

But that's the news! It's non-news. But it contains a reference to cats!


P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

Saturday 24 June 2023

Kids pretending to be cats are taking over the classroom in wokery nonsense but there are serious undertones

 The argument from the right-wing is that pupils pretending to be cats are taking over the classroom and undermining the teacher who's probably too sensitive to the woke movement. They've allowed kids to become furries and in doing so undermined their authority. It's worse. One teacher admonished another for refusing to accept the concept of gender spectrum (non-binary). This is a merging of two wokery movements. 

Note: there is a wide spectrum of sexuality to which we must be enlightened and sensitive but I believe - without being disrespectful - that there are two sexes. Sex is biological. All the rest is in the head.

This is impossible and it must be stopped with firm leadership and guidance from parents initially and supported by teachers. Image: DALLE-E.

One girl self-identifies as a male cat and insisted on being addressed as 'kit'. The girl had merged the furries movement with the trans gender movement. Highly complicated and confusing. The culture becomes very fraught.

It disrupts the classroom and the education process. The UK education secretary, Gillian Keegan, has said that it is silly for pupils to self-identify as an animal. She takes the common-sense viewpoint. I feel sure that most Brits would agree with her. But is it just silliness? It may be a symptom of much more troubling mental processes in pupils and girls in particular. Too many are suicidal.

In Britain the classroom is becoming an impossible place for teachers which is why huge numbers are thinking of quitting.  It is a disturbingly high percentage. According to the BBC four out of ten teachers are planning to leave the profession! It is a catastrophe. The British education system is in a silent crisis and it is deteriorating. You can add inflation into the mix. Teachers have been striking for a huge pay increase. This is partly due to the difficulties of the job. Who'd be a teacher in Britain?

It will need a much firmer approach from heads and teachers. I'll be sexist and state that there needs to be more men in teaching. There are far less nowadays than in the past. In 2021/22, 75.5% of school teachers were women. Women have moved into teaching believing that it will suit them but no clearly not for a huge percentage.

They can be too gentle. Perhaps they sometimes lack sufficient confidence to stamp their authority over the classroom. That said the teachers are asking for guidance from the Dept. of Education on how to deal with this problem. Keegan will provide it, she says.

To be fair, it is very difficult for a teacher to deal with a child who wants to identify as a cat because of the modern snowflake culture. If teachers are too firm with pupils they can get into trouble when the child complains to their parents who then complain to the head teacher. It is toxic.

Teachers are having to be surrogate parents as parents abdicate their duties. Too many are capitulating to their children's fads to be trans or cats!! There is a merging of these movements as mentioned. Is this all about confused kids bossing around parents and teachers because they are too frightened to be firm and provide old-fashioned guidance?

Kids are also in crisis with an astonishingly high percentage of girls self-harming or having suicidal thoughts (30%!!). This can't go on. To me it is clear that there is a link between the high level of suicidal thoughts and wanting to opt-out by self-identifying as a cat.

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