Wednesday 3 March 2021

Trusting friendly domestic cats tortured by US Government in experiments

OPINION AND COMMENT: I am referring to animal testing, specifically cruel experiments on friendly domestic cats in a government facility. Animal cruelty funded by American taxpayers' dollars. The research was carried out by the Department of Veteran's Affairs at three labs one of which is in Los Angeles.

Cat used in animal testing in a US gov facility for VA
Cat used in animal testing in a US gov facility for VA
Photo: CBS LA.

The Metro online newspaper refers to one friendly little cat, Artemis, who was aged one at the time; a young cat with his life ahead of him. He was inexperienced and expecting his humans around him to be as friendly as him. 

The cruel so-called scientists, more like torturers and abusers, drilled holes in his head to implant electrodes to analyse sleep patterns. He endured three years of tests and was killed at the end and dissected. Difficult to comprehend how educated people could do this. 

Other cats were kept in small cages, it is reported and injected with chemicals. They were eventually asphyxiated and killed. Animal advocates argue that the experiments were pointless and useless in terms of understanding human physiology. 

Madeleine Bernstein of the LA Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said: "It blows my mind that we can fight a pandemic with a code, but they have to bash a cat in order to come up with some sleep pattern. It really doesn’t make sense in 2021."

The experts say that experiments on cat's brains don't really assist humans. In 2020 the LA lab spent $5 million on torturing cats in experiments.

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) claim, as expected, that the experiments were designed to improve treatments for veterans injured in combat.

They say they'll end the experiments in 2021 but there seems to be some distrust over their word. White Coat Waste Project (a taxpayer watchdog group) say the VA can't be trusted.

A bill is in Congress appropriately called CATS. It will end the torture if and when it is passed into law. 

I have written about this sort of thing before on another website. Click here to read it if you wish.

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